Liiokita 26650 5000 mAh black

Hey guys, will this battery charger in Xstar VC4 and fit most of the 26650 lights on the market? Please advise. Thanks.

Yes sir, it should. I believe it fits 700mm cells as well as your 26650’s. So it should take care of your protected and non protected cells. Nice charger, lots of guys have them. I don’t have a VC4 but I have a VC2 and it holds 2 26650’s just fine and does a great job at charging them as well as any other cell you need charged.

Thanks Todd. Purchased 4 of them from Liiokita direct store on Alieexpress.

Liiokita? :-D I guess you mean LiitoKala.


i actually googled liiokita batteries until i realized it must be the liitokala lol…