Liitokala 500s alternative

I’m looking for alternative to Liitokala 500s - after reading the review from HKJ, I noticed that he said that NiMH did not terminate like they should.

So these are the preferences I’m looking for in a charger:

- Can charge NiMH as well as Li-ion.

- Supports 21700 unprotected batteries

  • Can act as a power bank


Vapcell S4 Plus

Vapcell is nice. I use a Zanflare C4 though for nimh and li ion. It charges everything fine. My nimh are never overcharged and neither with my li ions. It’s been so good I haven’t upgraded it in 2 years. The Opus BT3100 is nice as well. If all you want is a charger (no analyzing or discharging) there are other options.

Zanflare looks like it ticks all boxes, except for support for 21700 Li-ions. And yes I don’t care about analyzing or discharging.