Liitokala Engineer Lii-500 - inconsistent results from its testing

I get wildly varying results from the same cell - both Li-ion, and Ni-Mh.

What would make it do that?


1. Maybe it works better on good cells - I have been testing some previously known-to-be-weak cells, they seem to be worse.
But it will report capacity as 2000mAH, or 200, so based on its own results, I could not really know if a cell was bad or not.

It will do this on both test modes - “NOR” and “Fast Test”

2. I have a 1.5A max power supply - spec calls for 2A, could this do it? Usually I run 4 cells at once, but even on the lowest charge current setting, it still is inconsistent.

may be your batteries just cant reach 4.2V level, so the charger continues to charge(or overcharge) faulty battery, and counts all mAh.

Actually the error is in the other direction - it will under-report - it says the capacity is less than what I believe already (either something ridiculous like 53mAH from a known good NiMH, or 200-2000 mAH for a decent 18650, which I already know is at least 2000. It will sometimes be ‘right’, or at least in the ball park.).

It never says there is more capacity than I think should be there.


I get fairly consistent readings from all 4 bays on mine. They all charge to 4.22-23 volts according to the display, but come out of the charger at around 4.19 volts give or take a millivolt when measured with my Fluke 289. To me this is more than acceptable.

Edit: I do not use this charger for Eneloops. I use my Maha C9000, or the Panasonic BQ-CC17 that came with my Costco Eneloops.

Poor quality NiMh can be hard to test properly, especially if you use too high or too low current. They may terminate prematurely……or not at all giving very inaccurate results. About the only way to be really sure is charge with a KNOWN good charger, maybe do a ‘top off’ with a slow dumb charger, then discharge at 1/5C to ~0.8-1.0v/cell. Even doing that you will get different results if you discharge immediately or let it rest a day or 2. The worse the battery the larger the delta.

Lithium should not have this problem though. Think I’d either start working toward a replacement/refund, or open it up and inspect the components and soldering very carefully. It’s a $20 charger > there have to be shortcuts and issues to make a product with that much capability so cheaply. A number of problems have been reported.

Completely agree with those comments. Older non-Eneloop LSD NiMH cells quite often fail to terminate on my Lii-500 and just keep cooking.

Whilst the Lii-500 is great value for money, it is not solidly built. I have to keep pressing on my screen for it to display correctly. Given that Liitokala keep changing the base cells in their 26650, I would not be surprised if there are ongoing component changes in the Lii-500. Whilst I love my Lii-500, I don’t entirely trust it.

The Lii-500 replaced my Xtar VC4. The Lii-500 does more. I think for reliable charging and superior components+workmanship the Xtar is superior. But I also have an Opus, LaCrosse, and 2 hobby chargers to back it up.