LiitoKala lii – 100 CHARGER Who Likes 'em?

Some of us got in on the above GearBest charger offering for $4. Gotta admit, for that price and what it does sounds too good to be true.

So, I'm a little skeptical about what we're gonna get. Not too many reviews out there...soooo,

Any of you out there using one got anything to say about it?

That dose look like a lot of charger for such a low price. I agree it does sound too good to be true, but it’s tempting nonetheless.

Ordered a charger a couple of weeks ago. Hasn’t arrived yet.

That would really make a good little travel charger!

The people who ordered it from gearbest…

The chargers do really get shipped???

Ordered December 7th, shipped December 14th.

I expect delivery around the first or second week of January.

Just ordered one.
After finally giving away my 5 year old 2-slot OEM charger I need something to replace it until I decide on any of analysing Nitecores/XTAR/Opus/etc.

Ordered one 8/12 shipped 18/2, come with tracking number. Nice to have in the car with mobil chargers micro usb.

Lots of features for a good price, so I ordered one few days ago. :slight_smile:

I have been using this charger for about a month now. Price is really cheap for 1A fast charger with pretty good build quality. All my 5pcs that I have ordered works flawlessly out from the bag. Nicjoy's version does not come with usb cable though. I did order a few pieces of LiitoKala lii samples last week to try out, hopefully they are as good as Nicjoy. Time to say goodbye to Miller and XTAR MC1 Plus.

I have ordered one as well. I thought i had read that liitokala had done some good chargers before, so i hoped this one would be good as well.

The big differences with other chargers is that can handle NI-mh battery.
How it works with Ni-hm?

Do you think is better than other chargers in the price range of 10$?
Because 4$ for Li-On/Ni-mh/power bank/portable/fast etc etc it’s too good to be true

(I ask you because I’ve now a Nitecore Intellicharge I4 V.2, just want to buy another, not 2-3 :wink:
So before this Liitokala 100 I was looking at XTAR VC2 Plus Master for around 17$ (so another price range) and Nitecore UM10 at 9,35$, but this do not work with Nihm…)
Thank you

I ordered one a few weeks ago, price was $4.39 then. Probably will come next month (unless this package goes detour to Africa or somewhere else).

If this is as good as it says, I don’t see anything else coming close under $10. Especially not those $3 ebay chargers - absolutely no point to play lottery with them at all anymore.

I was a bit skeptical when I saw the specs too. I went ahead and made my first order after reading all the positive feedback from the buyers.

Seriously, I do not know how they accomplished it at this price point. Both my Li-ION and Ni-MH charged fine without sign of over-charging. Li-ION terminates at 4.18V sharp for 2 different batteries. As for Ni-MH, it terminates about 1.45V (my memory is a bit faint on this one).

There bound to be design flaws if you scrutinize it. I am sure HJK will discover them sometime down the road. I am interested of how it fair with other under $10 chargers.

I am not a fussy person in charging. Sometime I am just to lazy to power up my OPUS or XTAR just to top up one 18650. That is why it is my favorite single bay at the moment.

Note: above comments are based on Nicjoy charger version.

Ordered Dec 8th for $4.26. Shipped on Dec 15th; still in transit.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I had just given away my travel charger XTAR MC1, and needed a replacment. I’ve ordered one as well…

code LED2015GB worked

sure did...saved me a few cents.. $4.04 total

Thank you very much, I think I will buy one now :bigsmile:

Yeah I ordered too. Should be a good cheapie to keep in the car (for when I forget to bring my altoids tin)