LiitoKala Lii-500 $23.60 at gearbest

I thought the price was good enough to post. I was in the market for an analyzing charger and after reading some of the pertinent threads decided to buy the Lii-500. $23.60 with US version wall wart and car adapter.

Lii-500 at gearbest

I do not think you will be disappointed with this. If I were to have only one charger, it would be hard to fault the Lii-500. Thanks for the update on this price.

My first LiIon charger was an Xtar VC4 which I caught on sale at banggood us for $24.79 and I mostly like it except for the .5a x4, lack of cdc capacity testing and 5v input. The Lii-500 will be a nice addition for my increasing supply of LiIon batteries. Looking forward to its arrival. Direct express shipping upgradde was 6 cents.

How is the Lii-500 working out? I’m in the market for one at a similar price. Is there a discount code for BLF members at Gearbest?

$22 w/ code from banggood. Code here.

HJK review here.

Working fine for me. I prefer it over the xtar vc4. I paid about a dollar less for the lii-500 and with the included wall wart, car adapter, 1 amp micro usb, 1 amp capability charging 4 cells, and capacity tests it’s a much better deal than the vc4.

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