LiitoKala lii-500 alternative in 2020?

I’m looking for a new charger to replace a broken LiitoKala lii-500. The budget is around $30

I would like it to have:

- Battery analyze

  • Power bank capability

Is there any good alternative to LiitoKala lii-500 in 2020? Or I just get another lii-500, even though it’s very old model.


I wanted to replace my trusty lii-500 this year and after a good 10 min of internet research I decided to buy the Vapcell S4 plus
still haven’t received after 2 months… so I can’t compare

2 months later? Dang I bought mine from a US supplier. It works as intended, the only thing I don’t like is how fast the display backlit turns off. I would prefer it if you just hold “display” button to toggle it on/of like my xtar charger.

Yeah, I’m still waiting on my Vapcell S4 Plus as well (from Banggood)

So Vapcell S4 Plus is our new star? I haven’t heard about it much. I will give it a try :slight_smile:

I found 2 different Vapcell S4 Plus from the same seller on AliExpress
Is there any difference between them?

i bought mine here

I ended up getting another Lii-500 xD

If you're in the US has the S4+ listed at $34.99.

It cost $5.60 shipping to Texas from Atlanta Ga.

I got it 2 days after ordering

I am also waiting for Vapcell S4 for over 2 months. Ordered on Aliexpress from their official store.
This was a mistake, I found a day after I ordered, a US supplier (liion warehouse I think)… and now more US supplies have it…

The only other charger that I think is good (as it recovered my old batteries with more capacity) is Hohm Tech Base 4 (I got it from imr batteries ).
I do not think it was reviewed by HJK, so may be there is something not good about this charger, but I am happy with it sofar.

Did you use that Hohm Tech Base 4 charger to recover li-ion cells or NiMH cells? I want a charger than can do both, but seems like the “battery doctor” feature talk on this charger is about li-ion only. It would be nice if someone throughly reviewed this charger. Have you had issues with the contacts? Or ripping battery wraps?

S4 Plus is great, but discharging 2x1A + 2x0,5A is a joke :person_facepalming:

Hey maba, can you elaborate on what you are saying?

What exactly?
4x1A even has a Lii500 :slight_smile:

Are you saying when 4 cells are loaded and they are discharging, that two will be doing it at 1A and two will be doing it at 0.5A (instead all four at the same current)?

Yes + 26650 charges only in slot 1 and 4

That isn’t what I asked or what you said earlier (as you specifically said ‘discharging’) but thanks anyway. Most four port chargers only handle those large 26650 cells in the outer slots. I thought you were referencing some defect with the charger when having four like cells installed.

I don’t have the Vapcell S4+ yet so I’m not sure how the charging/discharging works. I recall that in HKJ’s review, that the S4+ can do max discharge rate of 2x 1A + 2x 0.5A rate.

This would be better than the Lii-500 or the Xtar Dragon VP4, which can only do discharging at max 4x 0.5A.

On the Lii-500, if the NOR Test (which is the Discharge Capacity Test) is selected 1A or 0.7A (charging portion of the Test), the discharge rate is just 0.5A; when 0.5A or 0.3A is selected, it will only discharge at 0.25A.

On the Xtar Dragon VP4, when the “TEST” mode (which is the Discharge Capacity Test), selected is 2A or 1A (charge current portion of the TEST), the discharge rate will be 0.5A; when selected current is 0.5A, discharge current used will be 0.25A.

You’re right, my mistake!

BT-C3100 has a discharge of 4x1A :smiley:

BT-C3100 has an issue though, if not modded with a stronger fan and use a more powerful power supply, the charger tends to get too hot at 4x 1A discharge and will pause the discharging until the heat levels drops off a bit — this causes the test capacity numbers to be a bit too high when this happens though, so in practical use, I think the BT-C3100 can only handle 4x 0.5A, or maybe 4x 0.7A (in my country where there’s hot weather almost the whole year round, I don’t think I can use 4x 0.7A without the charger pausing a bit during the discharging stage…)