LiitoKala Lii-600 max battery dimensions

Hello guys!

Could someone please shine a light on this:
Can the LiitoKala Lii-600 charger fit those protected 21700, oversized 75mm batteries, and if they do fit, without breaking the charger… can they be charged with this device? I am about to buy an Imalent MS06 flashlight, but don’t want to charge it using the included wire.

The slot on Lii-600 (from plastic to plastic), measures exactly at 76,8mm in length. The “plus” end (if battery is inerted with “plus” first) is at the same level as plastic and “minus” end is 2mm thick, so 76,8mm - 2mm - “some error” is around 74,8mm and it tells me they won’t fit… but if they do, it would be a super tight fit…
Anyone knows, how it is in reality?

Thanks in advance…


The russian review, posted on another topic about this charger (, is about the older 2020 version, because the slot on mine is taller.

I only have 2 protected 21700 batteries (Rofis and Wuben protected 21700).

I checked the Rofis protected 21700 and it measures around 75.5mm in length, won’t fit in the Lii-600.

I’m unable to measure the slot length on the Lii-600 very precisely, but my estimate (I’m unable the get the “measuring teeth” of my caliper inside the slot exactly) is that the slot fits only up to around 73.5mm (maybe +/- 0.5mm).

Didn’t know that there is an updated Lii-600 (mine is from last year, and has the same 76.8mm (from plastic to plastic) as measured in the picture you posted)

I got my flashlight, very excited with it, but I can now confirm, that these batteries won’t fit, without modifying the charger. I opened the charger and figured out where I can get those missing milimeters. The fit is very tight after this and I only did it for 1 slot. With the right tools and patience I could get 0.5mm - 0.7mm more, which could be enough, to fit them normally.
About the different charger revisions, I am also not sure, just when the guy in the review measured the slot, I thought at first, he did it from plastic to plastic.