Limited edition of what Armytek flashlight do you want to be released?

You can see the archived poll results on the Wayback Machine:

Which kind of limitation?

Body made of pure gold, colored bezel, quadrocopter parking area inside, ...? :)

How about a factory dedomed predator with xpg2?

good idea !

Would like to have the Predator Pro v2.5 back, with LED tint between warm and cool white and with an outstanding color over all like platinum or champagne and a contrasted color at front bezel, back bezel and clip.

Dear friends! It will be a pleasure for us to produce a limited edition of new Armytek flashlights for you.
We can make a choice, taking into account various parameters:
1. Hi-Cree diodes
2. Dedomed LEDs.
3. Engravings.
4. Simple versions with variable bezel colors.

We are gathering information about:
1. flashlight model you want to be released
2. certain parameter (dedomed LEDs, engravings, etc.)

I would like a Doberman with Gold details (bezel, clip), dedomed is not a bad thing.

I would like a more aggressive bezel for a Prime series (slightly crenelated)

Hi-Cri is nice for smaller EDC only as it is not that effient, so Hi-Cri for Prime or Wizard only for close range usage.

Predator would be nice with dedomed LED but then you need to care for selected tint (greenish is not accepted).

No massive texting as seen on the Prime which looks like a mix between yesterdays newspaper and General's carneval uniform (btw: no one knows what "brightest for city" is good for, as it is also simply wrong). Less would be more. Armytek doesn't need China-Fire-style. Sorry for that, but it's my opinion.

Also voting for minimum crenelated bezel at the Prime, so we can see if it is on/off when standing on a table, without sharp edges, so it won't be too agressive against pockets.

Also needed: round bezel at the Prime. Hexagon-beam is bit ... strange.

So much wishes...

+1 :slight_smile:



BTW the “product tab” was glitchy on your website
I still dont understand what “pro” means you could be way more clear about that.
you could add battery type with each description
you could have a configurator on your site because frankly a single long list of lisghts is long and largely nt what we want (if you dont work for your company)

Armytek Wizard Pro MT-G2 5000k (4000 is too warm)
with Cree photo red (tired of orange center)

Armytek Grizzly MT-G2. Variable bezel colors.

This product is being prepared for production.
ETA: Q1 2015
■High-power Cree MT-G2 LED
■Record light output 2700 LED lumen
■Excellent throw
■Ideal for high-output applications
■Powered by two 18650 Li-Ion

Armytek Forsage MT-G2

This product is being prepared for production. Full information on product features will be added.
ETA: Q2 2015
■World’s first MT-G2 LED flashlight! (I think you mean “bike light”)
■Record light output 2120 LED lumen
■Excellent bicycle flashlight
■Comfortable beam angles
■Powered by 4 x 18650 Li-Ion batteries