A special limited X-Mas Edition will come out from RIC- CN and me.

Only for members @ BLF and TLF (Taschenlampenforum-Germany)

200 pieces with serial number


stainless steel

to be continued…

Will this be either the Fairy or Spy? A SS version of the Fairy would make the perfect neck light but a Spy in SS would make an affordable light as well but wouldn't hang as nicely as the Fairy.

Either way count me in!

I guess nothing wrong to register first and found out later :smiley:
Count me in too.


Count me in too.

It wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t get myself a little something, now would it?

so santa decide to come earlier this year?

i want x-mas precious

I can't tell you what it is ...... yet

Please add me.

Please add me too, thanks!

Put my name on the list. If so happens I don’t want the Christmas special, I can sell my spot to the highest bidder? :bigsmile:

Please add me to the list, thanks!

I’m in

I’m in unless its green :Sp

Im interested too.

I’m interested

I’m In too see !

To clarify: Its DQG spy SS XPL Xmas Version, Limited

Thanks Ric

seems like X-Mas self gifts comes earlier…

Count you in yourself:

Maybe some changes, but the host is already clear.


Oh look what you’ve done! :open_mouth: I don’t have the money right now! :_( I hope there are some left when I get paid again.