LIQUIDATION - Want an awesome, small, premium bin neutral flashlight?

Mmmm…what’s going on here?

It’s a premium bin neutral T6 4C built by Sunwayman on the M11R platform. It was sold to us as a neutral high CRI but we never advertised it as such before. Based on previous comms, it’s at the margin of high CRI for 80 @ 4250k.

What “happened” above is the bin code provided by Sunwayman (and subsequently their emitter vendor) does not definitively mark it as high CRI. Based on this I removed the high CRI moniker in the thread title on this as I don’t want to go purely by the manufacturer’s word (though it’s a good word, we’ve had quite a few limited editions from them).

Think of it this way, the first run Nissan GTR were rated at 480bhp on paper. In real life the car produced in excess of 500bhp (closer to ~530bhp). I’ve sold the car as 500bhp from the information given by Nissan’s engineers on the engine specifically in the vehicles we’ve purchased (as what it’s capable of).

Makes sense?

In this case the temperature range is 4250k to 4500k and the information I’m given is that this specific batch is 4250k, garnering it the plausible 80 rating. Unfortunately the information I’ve then passed on here (according to Rojas) is insufficient to say YES! That’s a 4250k or something like that. On that basis, I’ve pulled back just that bit of wording.

If you’d like a refund, no problems with that of course though do be quick as it’s going out tomorrow! (only shipping Mon/Wed/Fri).

EDIT: On that note, this light has been received by many already so feel free to have a look around for it and reviews. Thanks!

I'm intending to keep the order. It looks just too good an EDC to return it and then regret it later.... I'll just suck it up and pretend I chose the free shipping option and know that I got a really nice $70ish light coming my way. Thanks again for the discount offer. In my humble opinion, I think the shipping option list should clearly identify the economy shipping as available to the USA also. I blame myself too for not reading all of the shipping info on the website prior to placing the order. Anyway, the waiting game is on.

It’s there in bold at checkout, and the first option when shipping is presented :slight_smile: By the way the package has gone out this morning.

Shipping quotes are based on the address information you selected:

California - United States

Available Shipping Methods - Rates

Free Shipping Promotion (Standard Economy Parcel) $0.00
Expedited Parcel (Shipping to US) $11.90
Express Parcel (Shipping to US) $21.70

All I'm trying to point out was that the Standard Economy Parcel says nothing about shipping to USA in parenthesis like the other two so I incorrectly assumed I had to choose the expedited or express. Anyhow no harm, no foul done... plus I ordered it late Pacific Time so, yeah my logical thinking skills weren't at their best.

I think it’s because that line is shared between US and Canada that it doesn’t specify (US). I’ll have the “shop wizards” check it out to see if we can localize that line too.

Never fear LightUpTheDark. I got my M11R from HID Canada today. In my opinion the beam tint is a very appealing neutral. I know how the waiting can be distracting for cross border purchases. It’s usually the other way around with me. I was preoccupied with the tint issues when I opened it up only to find the instruction manual state XM-L U2. Crap! Wait a minute, this is probably the standard manual that was made for the common version. On close inspection the word “Premium” is engraved on the side. Okay…beam comparison. I took it out my balcony where trees shedding for winter and dead leaves abound. V11R XM-L U2 in one hand and M11R Premium in the other. Big difference. The beam on the M11R is warm and cozy. The brown dead leaves on the green grass stood right out compared to the U2. I also had a Mini CR2 with a warm High CR which comes out quite a lot yellower. The M11R is smack dab in the middle, perhaps warmer than whiter.
I hope this alleviates the waiting. If you have any more questions I can answer, feel free.

P.S. when installing the battery, hold the clip a little away from the body while twisting the head so as not to mar the finish.

Glad you like it. Pics! :slight_smile:

Yes, the manual says XML-U2. Sunwayman said they could reprint it but it would take time. We declined. They said they could put a sticker on it, we declined that too. Ultimately I think they went ahead on some of them and used a marker over U2. I guess it wasn’t one yours.

Sorry. I tried some comparison beam shots off my balcony roof, but my Samsung point and shoot wasn’t man enough for the job.

I hope this light doesn’t become a shelf queen. I keep washing my hands before I pick it up.

Thanks Ouchyfoot. I'm sure it will perform how it was advertised. I look to replace my Nitecore Extreme as my EDC as the design of the Nitecore and its clip is chewing through my pocket edges (no fault of Nitecore)... Patiently waiting for it to arrive and run it through its course. On another note, the NW tint of my TN31 is making me appreciate the NW color a lot more now.

Okay, what’s next. What about the tan premium?

:slight_smile: I’m actually typing this up now.

You got your links mixed up.