List of 18350 flashlights (currently available)

FYI, I purchased a black S2+ short tube from MTN last year, and that’s what I use with my S2+ DT.

This shorty tube works with my blue S2+ as well.

It appears like these short tubes came from different sources in China, or outsourced from different manufacturers.

I tested the Convoy S2+ silver 18350 tube on the black Astrolux S1 — the tube won’t screw in.

Thanks. I guess that would rule out the Astrolux for me.

I just bought a BLF A6 silver with the additional 18350 tube from BG. The short tube didn’t fit properly, leaving o-ring exposed. Asked BG to send another and they declined, saying that they have no control over the quality of these parts. Refund instead. Frowny face.

From left to right:
GT Mini (with 18350 tube) - Astrolux S2 (with 18350 tube, borrowed from Mateminco X6S) - Emisar D1 (with 18350 tube) - Astrolux MH10 (with 18350 tube) - Astrolux S3 (14500)

I know this has been asked before and, somehow, answered partially by d_t_a.
Does anyone know which Convoy S2+ 18350 tubes fit on the black and gray Convoy S2 ?

I asked Simon (through AliExpress) about the black S2+ tube fitting the black S2, and he said “NO”!
d_t_a showed in this thread that the silver shorty tube fits the gray S2.

I would like to know which other shorty Convoy tubes will fit the S2 lights.

Thanks in advance :+1:

Thrunite T1

I cheated. I got a shorty tube from Mountain designed for the Convoy. When it didn’t fit the Sofirn SP32A I had a friend turn down the threads until it fit. I like most everything about it for carrying in my pocket, although it has turned on from time to time. Once you turn down the threads you can’t unscrew the cap to lock it out.

Back then I opted to “de-anodize” the edge of the tube so that I could use it reversed and so that the parts made contact. Now if I want to break contact, I slightly twist the head of it :wink:

This is how mine looks currently (shorty triple) :smiley:

Can the rrt-01 2019 be added?

How about putting together an 18500 list? Really like the 18350 lights but I like the added run times of the 18500. They also seem to have some added length for handling. List may be fairly short.

Reylight will be releasing the stainless Gemini in a few weeks that uses a 18350.

The Sofirn SP40 headlamp comes with both 18650 and 18350 tubes.

Link not accessible for non FB users! Can you please share it in another way?

It’s mentioned on Instagram . Not a lot of infos, but Reylight provides some answers to questions in the comments.

Thank you very much for sharing! Looks like a nice light :blush:

Thanks BOO5TED :beer: