List of 18350 flashlights (currently available)

After "reconnecting" with my DQG Tiny 18650 (1st version) last night, and marveling that it's still one of the smallest 18650 flashlights ever made, I began thinking about smaller lights and that I've recently noticed a few more entrants in the 18350 format.

Thinking about the latest higher capacity cells such as the Vapcell 1100 (Aspire) I began a search to see how many 18350 lights I could find, and decided to make a thread listing currently available models priced under $100. I'm not listing the prices since they vary between sellers and change with different deals, codes etc.

Please post your thoughts or experiences for any I've listed, and feel free to point out any others that I've missed (or were newly released) so I can add them. (must be currently available and below $100 "street price"). I've listed the emitters, max outputs and manufacture's links. I've also included a section for 18650 lights whose makers offer an 18350 tube accessory for an additional cost, plus a section on 18350 tube "Lego" fitment.

There's also a different 18350 thread with a list (Posted in October 2017):

I've also added lights that the base price includes both 18560 and 18350 tubes.

(All links are Mfg's website and Non-Aff)

Note: For several of these the specs show only 16340 /CR123A, however I've found reviews that confirm 18350 fitment. (marked with *)


Emitter: Output: (Lumens) Mfg. link:
Astrolux S1 18350 XP-L 1600
Astrolux S41 4x Nichia 219 / XP-G 1600
Astrolux S42 4x Nichia 219 / XP-G 2023
Astrolux E01 XP-L 900
ArmyTek Prime C1/C1 Pro XP-L 1050 C1

ArmyTek Tiara C1/C1 (Pro headlamp)

XP-L 1050 C1
ArmyTek Elf C1 XP-L 1050 search / Elf
Blackwater SR71 * 3x XP-G2 1000

Convoy S2+ 18350

Eagtac DX3B Mini

XHP50.2 / XHP35

Eagtac DX3B Mini Pro XHP50.2 / XHP35 2480
Fitorch ER16 * XP-L 1000
Jetbeam / Niteye EC-R16 * XP-L 750
Jetbeam E20R * SST40 N4 BC 990
Manker E14 4x 219c / XP-G3 1600
Manker E14 II 4x 219c / XP-G3 2200
MecArmy PT16 * 3x XP-G2 1000
MecArmy PS16 4x XP-G3 2000
Nitecore EC11 * XM-L2 900
Nitecore MT10C * XM-L2 920
SolarForce L2M XP-L (Drop-in Module) 830
Sunwayman T16R * XM-L2 380
Sunwayman C13R * XM-L2 380
ThruNite Neutron 2C XP-L 1100

18650 lights that the Mfg. offer an 18350 tube for an additional cost

(not included with flashlight - must purchase separately)

Emisar D4 / D1 (Various LEDs)
Jaxman E2 series (Various LEDs)

Convoy S2+ (all colors)

(Various LEDs)

Lego list:

Astrolux/BLF and Convoy/Jaxman 18350 tubes will lego with a few different lights.

(Please post about any others that have been confirmed and I'll update the list)




Sofirn SP32A Convoy/Jaxman
Skilhunt H02 Astrolux S1/BLF A6
BLF A6 Astrolux S1/BLF A6
Astrolux S2 / BLF X6 ? (need tube confirmed)
Litesam PS16 Convoy/Jaxman PS16
Convoy S3 Convoy/Jaxman
Wowtac A3S (zoomie)

Convoy/Jaxman (Jaxman fits best)

Astrolux S1/BLF A6

Note: The Jaxman tube has slightly wider (I.D.) and is also slightly longer than the Convoy tube.

Fitorch ER16

Im running a Keeppower 18350 (1100Mah) in it.

Thanks for the list beam0. I have been really looking at a Astrolux S1. I never knew there where as many 18350 lights.
I really like the capacity and small format the 18350 offers for a EDC.

Thanks of the nice work beam0 !!

Some more data:

BLF A6 (with shorty tube)
BLF X6 (with shorty tube)
Emisar D1 (with shorty tube)
Manker E14 II (with shorty tube)

(EDITED as I posted lights already in the list)
Astrolux MH10 (not sure if available currently)
Blackwater SR71
Lux-RC Minion R1 (not sure if available currently)
Manker Timeback II
Mecarmy PT16 (and its variations TI…)
Nitecore EC11
Nitecore MT10C
Nitecore P05
Niteye MS-R15 (not sure if it takes 18350, though as there is few information)
Niteye EYE10
Niteye EC-R16
Solarforce L2M
SS35-1 (see Neals Deals)
Sunwayman C13R
Sunwayman T16R

Also, please check these threads where some of these lights were mentioned :wink:

I just received a Litesam PS16 yesterday (Litesam is Fitorch’e Amazon exclusive line) Just opened it and tried the Convoy/Jax tube and it fits! Threads on perfectly, tried it with an Aspire 1100 and it’s bright as #@%$!!


Thanks contigo!

Klarus XT1C


  • BLF X6, A6 and Emisar D1: Both added to list of “not included with flashlight - must purchase separately” >>>But I might need to correct it ….
    Does BLF X6 and Astrolux S2 both fit the A6/S1 tube?

Or does BLF X6 need the “Eagle Eyes” Tube?

  • Manker E14 II: Added to main list
  • Astrolux MH10: No longer available
  • Blackwater SR71: Nice find! But who makes blackwater? I can’t find a website for them. (I put BG link for now)
  • Lux-RC Minion R1: Over $100
  • Manker Timeback II: Over $100
    (List is $100 and under, I suppose could make a separate list if needed)
  • Mecarmy PT16 Was already on list
  • Nitecore P05: Can you confirm 18350 fitment? (I couldn’t find confirmation of it anywhere)
  • Niteye MS-R15 Niteye EYE10: What’s going on with Niteye? Their website only show accessories, nothing works, and the Niteye link on Jetbeam site doesn’t work either. Did Niteye say Bye-Bye, Nighty-nite?
  • Niteye EC-R16: Same as Jetbeam EC-R16 already on list (but I changed it to Jetbeam/Niteye EC-R16)
  • SS35-1 Neals Deals link on M4D M4X no longer works, does it work for you?

Also can’t find it on HKeq:

Home > Search for “SS35-1”
We found 0 results matching your criteria

I guess your saying it will accept a 18350 in the stock tube?

(Also confirmed here - post #5):

Hi beam0!
Sorry, didn’t notice the price limit at first, so I added all I remembered (even those you already had in the list :FACEPALM: ).

About your questions and remarks:

BLF X6 - Yes, I guess it can take the shorty tube you linked to (bought separately). This was the original thread where I saw that:

Blackwater SR71 - it is sold by Banggood! I don’t know who makes it, but it is sold here (non-affiliate):

Nitecore P05 - Hum, I guess I was deceived by a thing on AliExpress, so I can’t confirm this can take 18350 batteries. Sorry for misleading!

Niteye - Yeah, their site is quite…empty! Maybe they are reformulating it after the Chinese New Year. Still, those 2 lights I mentioned were found in AliExpress stores. Sorry, didn’t notice I repeated the EC-R16 model! Thanks for changing it!

Solarforce L2M - Yes, it can take 18350. The original light with the 2 tubes takes a 18650; with sorther tube it takes the 18350 and 16340s as well! It seems to be a popular light around here, despite having some years already!

SS35-1 - The link of Neal’s deals is not working for me as well… I don’t know what happened. Maybe a website/ service reconfiguration as well? BTW, freeme showed a similar light here.

Sorry for not posting the links originally and thanks for this effort to put this list together :wink:

Can you confirm it will accept 18350?

Sorry, it doesn’t take 18350s! I went to read again my initial information and my eyes didn’t read well :FACEPALM: :FACEPALM:
I hate when I do this :expressionless:

Please forget about this one!

No worries! I’t good to check all possibilities!

Solarforce L2M added…

With all of the new tiny models released in the last few years I totally forgot about this “stalwart” flashlight when I made the list, an ever popular model when I first got deep into flashlights back around 2010 (I never ended up buying one). A timeless design, it’s remained nearly unchanged throughout the years and still available today. (I still want one!)

Probably the first “stubby” flashlight and one of the first to include 2 different tubes to accommodate multiple battery sizes 18650 / 16340 / 18350
I never gave much thought to the fact the L2M fits an 18350 as well as 16340. I’ve only recently became fascinated with the 18350 size lights, mainly due to the new Aspire / Vapcell batteries.

The latest version L2M (complete flashlight) includes both tubes and an XP-L V6 Drop-in module.

Or you can just buy the host and add the Drop-in of your choice (L2 or L2T head and tail)

There are plenty of “P-60” drop-in choices available, including XPL-HI, XPL-HD, Nichia 219C, and even XP-L2, and various tints as for most well.

I always thought it looked awesome with the L2T head.

MecArmy PS16 added to list.

Saw this on BladeHQ, An upgrade to the PT16?

MecArmy PS16 Stainless 18350 flashlight 2000lm (4xXP-G3)

Fully Polished:


* MecArmy posted a sneak peek here back in November:

* More details here:

* I also started a thread on it:


Edit: Sorry, missed the “currently available” unless someone is selling one…I’m hanging on to mine.

Ya that’s a beautiful light! But unfortunately discontinued and no longer available, same with the rrt01.

Yes the idea of the list is to provide help for purchasing decisions, but no problem to mention the discontinued lights here, just can’t add them :wink:

For the Eagle Eye X2R, 18350 tubes for the Convoy S2 can be used. Then it is possible to charge the 18350 in the flashlight.

Ultrafire, this thing out of stock now, can’t find model # on mine. Nice light with mode memory and gold bling ring.

Sold as 16340 but fits 18350 easy.
Think it was marketed under Uniquefire also

Thanks for the list, great job

Are there any 18350 lights that come stock with a 90+ CRI LED and No PWM? (Fet=PWM)

Are there any 16340 lights that comes stock with a 90+ CRI LED?
The only one I can think of is the 0Light S1 Mini w High CRI XP-G3 (Green Tint)

This was posted on M4D M4X blog yesterday: “my dear friends! Neal has some problems with his PayPal account, so i deactivated his shop until everything is working again.”