List of long chargers?

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to make a list of chargers that will charge the longest 18650-18750 batteries. I normally use a hobby charger or the WF-188. But these longer batteries won't fit in a lot of the chargers.


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i own it. i love it. i make heavy use of it.

The twin bay

The Xtar WP6 II charges my longest cells, the Callie's, with just a bit of room to spare.

I think most Xtar chargers do the job with long 18700 batteries. I charge my long Xtar 2600mAh in the Xtar WP2 II and the Xtar MP1.

Xtar has some chargers that are good at long batteries, but they can not handle the Cytac 2900 that is 70 mm (Luckily these batteries are very uncommon).

You can find the length of batteries and length specifications for a couple of chargers on my website (I have not made a summary of chargers, you have to check each review).

TR003P4 charger does a good job

Just the info I needed, thanks!

I had a set of 3 of the same in hand but did not think about the max lenght... All I remember they took TF Flame easily.

Mine also ended charging properly.