List of Manufacturers

Trying to put together a list of manufacturers and there web sites :

Info most welcome .. In other words please share ...

Thank you

manufacturer: Zhongwin, releasing brands: Farka, Xeno

manufacturer: Olight, releasing brands: Olight, iTP, 4Sevens

manufacturer: Romisen, releasing brands: Romisen

manufacturer: Sysmax Ind., releasing brands: JETBeam, Nitecore

that's my contribution to this thread. i dont know anything else. haha.

Dongguan Xing Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd (Loongsun) - Brands: Loongsun, On The Road

Also, they suspiciously make models EXACTLY the same as the N-Light ST50 and ST30

A look through their products will turn up many familiar looking flashlights, like 501b, 502b, C8 and lots of others.

Here is an example of a light that some may recognize as being sold by two brand names...

And this one looks familiar...

Link to main site...

Shenzhen zhangyang technology CO.,LTD, AKA Shenzhen Original Brand Manufacturer (SZOBM). Here is a quote from the site...

"Currently, we have one major factory building covering an area of 6,000 square meters. We have employed 1000 staffs, with a production capacity of 500,000,000 pieces per year."

So far ,,,

500 million per year seems a bit high. If you operated at the alleged production capacity with two 8 hour shifts, non-stop, every day that's 1.37 million flashlights per day, 85,000 per hour and over 1,400 per minute! I don't think I want to own that flashlight. haha

Wouldn't that be considered a list of brands as opposed to manufacturers? I was under the impression you were looking for OEM's.

Both - Be it brand sites or OEM manufacturers , yeah , all of it ... Thats why I gave the link ...

I would like to list as much as possible ...

Feilong Feilong, FlyDragon.

Web page updated :

Keep em commin

Romisen -

Sipik - [English:]

I don't get it. Most that I have seen listed so far are Marketing Companies. Some of them have factories, like Surefire, and yet, some of them are just sales offices who get the flashlights made by any factory who has the lowest bid.

You said that you want OEM factories to be listed too. And yet, when a large OEM factory is mentioned, it becomes ignored.

The reason I say that is that only Marketing Companies are on the List at your site.

A large actual Manufacturer with a Factory is ignored.

BTW, I like the Old4570 myself. I own a Trapdoor Springfield 1873 in caliber 45.70. Forty five caliber and 70 grains of Black Gunpowder. They were made from Civil War rifles, refitted for the metallic cartridge. Bullet is 205 grains of lead.


Hmmm , Im sorry , you have me at a disadvantage , since I dont know what your talking about ?

I want to list all flashlight Companies -

As to whether they have there own manufacturing capability or not , they are still a flashlight company ...

Why would I wish to ignore ? any such company ?

Fenix make their own lights exclusively as well. You can find pictures of the manufacturing process from inside their factory somewhere.

Missed Tank007 - added to the list ... [ will upload as time permits ]