List of US State Knife Laws and Federal Switchblade Law

Bernard Levine is a top expert in knives and has published several important books on the subject. Levine also hosts sub-forums on and

Switchblades are banned from interstate commerce by the US Government, except for some special circumstances. Possession and carry in public of switchblades and other knives is governed by each State.

Assisted Opening knives are legal and protected under the Federal Homeland Security Act.

Each State has laws governing non-switchblade knives, including assisted opening knives.

Some cities and counties have ordinances on the books governing knives.

Levine’s list is accurate, however, to get the final word on current State laws, go to the web site of your State Attorney General.

Levine’s site is here:

Info on Federal law on assisted opening knives:

The truth is, I think that this should be a Sticky.

No one has said anything about it though.

I bet a lot of people do not know the US knife laws.

Great info, thanks !

They always say that none except a “peace officer” can carry a dangerous weapon. What constitutes a dangerous weapon, what if you say the knife is for utility use like boxes and such? Is it still a dangerous weapon then?

Read your local laws carefully.

Laws are written by Lawyers for the reason of enriching Lawyers.

When Lawyers get ahold of a common word, they twist it all out of reason.

In your locality, “dangerous” and “weapon” may mean ANYTHING.

It’s just great to see people caring for this topic. I found it insightful in so many ways. This information should be educative for more categories of people.

awesome thread resurrection! That's good info... kinda sucks because now I have to find a new line cutter, I guess my old one is illegal :( it works so good tho! its just a sheath knife...... Stupid laws.

Actually as of July 2014, switch blades, auto knives, and assisted open blades are legal in indiana.
The information on that website is way out of date and should not be taken as the law anymore.

That is some good information you found and keep us from unknowingly breaking any laws .
I agree this should be a aticky

Here is a better and more updated website for everyone in the USA
USA Knife Laws
Knife Rights USA

none of it legal in nyc, that has different laws than ny state, here basically any folding knife is a “gravity knife” one can get a year in jail if cought carrying it.