List Your Favorite Flashlights

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Zebralight H50

Aurora SH-034

Ultrafire U20

Ultrafire UF-H3D

That's what is in my bag just now - the ones I use most.

Personally, I'm not in the market for the more expensive stuff, couldn't justify that sort of money on something I'd be scared to use or lose.

Couldn't agree more. Provided a light is the physical size I want and puts out the lumens I want in the beam profile I want then I'm happy.

Everything in my signature. I sell the ones I don't like. I wouldn't sell any of the ones in my signature.

Said the man with 100+ budget lights. ;-) But I get the "scared to loose/break/scratch" point.

A few favorites depending on the situation. Overall, my best need-to-have light is the iTPA3 EOS with an eneloop AAA. That little light has changed the way I look at the dark.

Ultrafire WF 501b with XR-E R2 emitter

Trustfire TR1200 with 5x XR-E Q5(?) emitters

I have ordered the MF 3-mode XML drop-in and the recent $5(+2Cry) DD WF 502b so I'll get an XML P60 to play with soon... We'll see how I like that as compared to the R2 emitter in the P60 host.

- iTP A serie and Olight I serie. All of them.

- Sunwayman V10R

- Solarforce L2P / L2X mix bodies with manafont 3-mode XML dropin

- Aurora SH-40 SST50 (almost like C8 but with much deeper reflector)

- Fenix TK35

- LRI photon II / LRI photon X

- Crelant 7G5 and Trustfire TR3-T6 are going to land here in a few days and I hope I like them enough to be on this list



UltraFire 270-T60 modded with the Nanjg105C-2.8A driver with reprogrammed UI/modes. Compact and very bright. Not much throw though, but I don't need that often.

D-10 nitecore

B2s N-light

Tank 566

Fenix E21


Eastward YJ -J09

Zebralight H501 headlamp

we're talking AA right ? :P

Funnily enough my most expensive light is the one I use the most, it’s a Sunwayman V10R titanium. It’s just been too damn practical with the variable control ring to leave on the shelf. I have over 20 lights now and a lot are still in their packets, all of them are cheaper than the v10r and I fully expected the v10r to be my least used because of it’s price.
So, there you go! If you get the right ‘expensive’ one it’s easily justified IMO.

UltraFire U4-MCU modded with a P7. It's the only flashlight I own :( , so it's my favorite...

The ones I use the most are ITP A3, Zebralight H51f, and maybe I’d have to include the Ultrafire BJO8A. I keep an Ultrafire 602c (I think that’s the model) single AAA twisty in my car for when I pick up my mail at night.

- DQG Tiny II R4 as an EDC (always with me)

- Fandyfire STL-V6 as a XM-L thrower

- Fandyfire STL-V2 as a wall of light

- Shadow TC6 as a outdoor NW light

- Trustfire Z5 as an in house light

- KD C8 as a bike light

- Sunwayman V10A as a lowest-possible-low light

- UF-H3b as a head light

- UF XG-V3 as a shelf queen

Casting aside considerations like practicality, cost, beauty, popular acclaim etc., my two very favorites are my Fenix E20 with an underdriven XML and my old reliable L2i with 2.8A NANJG driver and Shiningbeam neutral XML. These lights give me the warm fuzzies and I'm man enough to admit it.

Ultrafire UF-H3B

Spark ST6-460nw

Both headlamps have served me so very well!

As for my flashlights, my pricier ones have been my favorite:

Nitecore D10- Love its size, aggressive knurling, ramping modes and the firm titanium clip.

Sunwayman V10A- Love the variable ring, overall quality and output on 14500!! I think variable output is a big one for me.

Nitecore IFE-2- lowest low i've ever seen. low to the point of impracticallity actually lol. With two eneloops this is a perfect daily carry with its variable output ring.

Maratac AAA stainless steel - This light was my EDC for about the past 6 months. The keyring attachment recently broke and I've been unable to EDC it. I have yet to search for a replacement keyring attachment. This light on a 10440 is a beast!

Trustfire X9- modded with 2.8a driver this is my beast of an xml thrower.

whatever just came in the mail

UltraFire UF-980L

Solarforce L2P/UF XM-L

Solarforce L2i

runner up: 4Sevens Quark AA2 Tactical (R5)


First: Right now I am digging my Ultrafire 501A with a custom drop in 4B tint XML 5 mode with no flashies 3.5amp turbo, 1.7 amp high, blah, blah and .002 super moon firefly low. A light that does everything and yes the new Fire Flame 18350s deliver the 3.5 amps no problem.

Second: The UFH2 I like it better than the UFH3 almost as bright and a lot smaller.

Third: is DRY

I have a terralux 'lightstar 220' that takes 2 AA's that i bought a couple years ago. I like this little light for its solid build and general usefullness. It's bright enough to be practical, and small enough to take in your pocket or clip on your pants. The most recent light I bought is a trustfire '1600lm' xm-l light. This one takes 2 18650's and in comparison to the lightstar is about 4 times as bright.(an estimate) The trustfire light is a heavy piece of work, solid, and has worked without a hitch for the few weeks I have had it. I wish that a company would make a light that took a 6v lantern battery, such as the kind with the 6 or 8in. reflectors in them, but replace the old'krypton' or halogen bulb with an led. Why is it, that companies like 'eveready' and 'duracell' have fallen off the led wagon? If they would get with the program and make a leading edge led light and sell them for $30 to$50 price range, they could clean house I think.