Lithium AA/AAA primaries at FastTech - anyone tried them?

The Trustfires are a little expensive, but maybe better than the Nice ones?
The Nice prices are much better, especially when ordering in bulk. Cheaper than any of the “Energizer OEM” offers I saw on eBay/TaoBao (inc. shipping), but what about quality?

Any update on these batteries?

I haven’t bought these eventually, but I’ll be glad to hear someone else’s experience with them.

I’ve tried the AA. Here are some data;

Next time someone ask me for some nice batteries, I know where to refer them. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Looks like a fantastic deal, ordering some now… :slight_smile:

Many thanks, Trevi_lux, that is very helpful. I also am surprised that the Nice batteries showed such good results.