Lithium-ion cells for Canadian members Source!

**Ok, for Canadian members needing a good source for Lithium Ion batteries, ( as now its becoming difficult to get a good genuine LiIon cells shipped to us from other battery sellers,
I have been communicating with the the owner at, and he is really getting on board with the LT1 BLF lantern project. He is offering and instant discount of 10% to all BLF members in Canada and will ship cells to any location in Canada.
has set up a 10% off discount for any 18650 cells shippable across Canada, Canadian members looking to get 18650 batteries can go to this special link to order: >> / Use the discount code ” DBSAR ” when ordering cells to get the discount.
They offer genuine brand name high-current & high-capacity cells in the 18650, 20700, 21700 formats, and shipping is FAST from my experience as i have ordered many from them.

for example, below is a photo of the test that Guillaume at 18650Canada sent me for some high-capacity cells he brought in to be available for Canadian BLF members who need HC cells for their up-coming LT1lanters or other HC needs.

  • From left to right it would be sanyo GA protected button top, Samsung 35E protected button top, sanyo GA button top, and Samsung 35E button top mAh test results of their new stock of them.

They also have a great selection of high-current cells form Samsung & LG for those in need of powerful cells for flashlights like the FW3A or Q8.

Thanks so much for this!

Your welcome. :+1: