Lithium Ion torture chamber.

My idea here is to build a li ion pipe bomb. Kindof. I keep reading of all the horrors about these terrifying batteries. But where is the real evidence? The hard facts? They are coming. I plan to build a heavy steel rig to supply a direct short to the cell of choice. a burst disc will be added to the end so it doesn’t actually make a bomb. I have access to .060” 5052 so I think I’ll use that. I’ll start with some laptop pulls and see how things go. If anybody wants to send something out to “test” I’ll be glad to do it.

Yes, I have a safe place to do this kind of stuff.


Oh crap. A new idea. Lithium ion golf ball cannon. (My black powder golf ball cannon is buried somewhere… Disclaimer. Don’t ever do this kids.

Lol. Beat me to it my 2 seconds.

Subbed, I think member Ryansoh was trying to get a LiIon to go boom before, I do not think he was successful…

Perhaps a pre-heat to +160F if the room temp stuff is not working?

I want it to go boom from a direct short. That’s what everyone is scared of. No preheating. I’ll abuse some cells and test them too. I guess I could build a rig with a pressure gauge on it as well. I think most cells will boil and not bust.

Has Homeland Security knocked on your door yet?

Are you going to put this up on YouTube? I would be interested in the results. I often wonder what would happen with a fet driven light and somehow there was a direct short. I’m guessing if the battery blew it would vent thru the switch which you you are holding in your hand.

All I came up with online was ppl with old surefire and mixing cells. They blew the P60 right out the bezel.

Go over and do it at your friends house.

They need not bother. If these things were that dangerous they wouldn’t allow us to have them. I’ll take this thing to the golf course and try a chip shot.

There are plenty of videos like this already on Youtube.
Here is one of many

Turningbluechips, I would like to ask you a favor. Please extend your arm straight up, bend at the elbow, and give yourself a nice pat on the back for me.

And if you really want fun, take a 2-wire extension cord, strip the ends, clamp them in your dead short rig at the ends of the battery, then just as the heat is building, plug in the extension cord. Maybe you could rub some kind of oil on the underside of the battery so it will smoke a little? Route the cord where it can’t be seen & you’re on your way to YouTube Viral Heaven!

This thread sure puts me in a beer drinking mood.

Yeah! This kind of project Needs More Beer.

“How much beer do you have?” Not enough.
“How much beer do you need?” More.
“What kind of beer?” Cold.

Last but not least, don’t forget the Magic Words: “Hey, Bubba, watch this!”

I thought the magic words were

Hold my beer and watch this!


Nothing should happen. With quality brand cells and a tiny bit of luck.

Quality brand unprotected cells still have PTC and CID. With an external short, when the temperature gets high the PTC is there to limit the current. Which hopefully prevents you from reaching runaway temperature.

The important part, is that you’re relying on a little luck that the last line of defense will not fail.

Some junk chinese cells do not even have PTC or CID. And the pressure vent on them is so thick that it may not work. Really it looks like a fake pressure vent to me. HKJ’s Disassembly of a junk chinese cell

It’s called respect. Respect for the harm that these cells are capable of, if someone’s luck runs out. Solarforce exploded (3 series cell flashlight) Sorry, but it sounds like you might think people are just being chicken.

9 times out of 10, I’m sure it will be fine. But we should still advise caution. You don’t know who you are talking to online, and you don’t know who will come by to read the post later. I often use unprotected NOS laptop pulls but still, I always advise quality seiko protected cells. Someone who uses dangerous $2 chargers from ebay or lights with no LVP (or worse, series cell lights) might be reading your post, so the most responsible thing to do is to always advise the safest option, imo. No harm in being more safe than absolutely needed.

As long as the safety is on you can spin your pistol around your finger. But that doesn’t make it a good idea.

^ Couldn’t resist! :smiley:

If can’t get them to vent from a dead short then try reverse charging. They are not very fond of that.

Do make it fit series also
Two junk cells 1 charged 1 not
And maybe some extra parts like a led and charging on the outside to simulate real life use and bad treatment more life-like then just dead shorts

That should do it.

Or how about
1 UltraFire BRC }) + 1 quality high amp cell in series