Lithium iron AAA

With the disappearance of budget options for Energizer Ultimate AAA, I started looking for other options.

Does anyone have any experience with Tenergy AAA Lithium (Tenergy Power) or the dirt cheap Pinli from Tmart ( ?

Do they have similar capacity to the Energizer Ultimates? Can withstand high current similarly to them? Last long in hot/cold weather?

Do you know of any other options for this type of chemistry?

For the Tenergy, the link you provided answers the questions you posted.
The second is a dummy cell, not an actual cell.

Oops, it was indeed too cheap to be true… (but why does it say lithium-iron in the title? arrgh)
Regarding the Tenergy, does it stand up to the specs?

IMO the Energizer Ultimate Lithium are the best for high currents or long term storage. A while back I tried the Tenergy ones and they did work but had a larger voltage drop.

Thanks, scaru, seems like I’ll have to stick with the Energizer ones.

I found some “OEM” Energizers on TaoBao, but MisterTao (my preferred TaoBao agent) doesn’t work with PayPal anymore. arrgghhh
Anyone knows another trustworthy TaoBao agent that accepts PayPal?

I used to get AA’s for $1 each in bulk.

I dont have much use for AAA’s but there is 20 here for $26 ($1.30 each) including postage.

Thanks, that’s a good price, but they apparently ship only to Australia, unfortunately…

Oh maybe you can message them on eBay?

Im sure its cheaper to ship to USA than AUS because of the volume that goes there, at the most it would be the same.

I’m still on the look out for AAs but I cant find anything less than $1.58 each, I guess thats still OK but I have enough to last me a few years and keep a eye out for anything cheap in the meantime.

I asked them, and their reply was: “Hello dear friend
sorry it can not be sent to Israel, because the items is the battery.
Logistics companies will not be sent to Israel”.

Strange, never had any such problems.

The AA’s in the last post he said the lowst he can go is $1.30 per battery if I order 300.

I think I’ll pass on that one :stuck_out_tongue: