LIVE: Rofis MR70 groupbuy only US$61.99

Hello my dear friends!

A lot people did like the Rofis MR70 so i tried to get a new, nice deal for it

well, it was not a jawdropping reduction, but hey – cheaper is cheaper!

so its only US$61.99

3500LM Dual Light Multifunction Rechargeable LED Flashlight
incl. ROFIS 26650 5500mAh


● Uses a 26650 5500mAh high-rate discharge lithium battery,the main light and side light dual light source design.
● The main light utilizes XHP70.2 P2 CW LED,output up to 3500Lumens.
● Side light utilizes XP-G2 R5 NW LED,maximum output to 200Lumens
● One-touch control all function,it is easy to operate.
● Body with Micro-USB charging,which supports up to 2A charge.
● Can be used as a mobile power supply,use the USB adapter provide power to other devices,the maxmum output to 2.2A;with a dischargercapacity reminder.
● Users constant current circuit, with high battery effciency,stable output,no flashes.
● Anti-reverse design to prevent incorrect battery installation causes the circuit damage.
● Battery power detection,charging instruction,low battery reminder function.
● With locking function prevent accidental illumination.
● One-pieces shell,the structure is stable and reliable.
● Made of aero grade aluminum alloy,premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.
● With flashlight self-location function.


● Before charging,ensure that the battery is correctly loaded into the flashlight, and the tail of the flashlight has been tightened.
● Insert the charging cablle Micro USB port into the flashlight charging port,then insert the charging cable USB port into the power port to recharge.Charging light red indicates charging,green indicates charging has been completed.The flashlight can only turn on side medium mode while charging.

Package included:
1 x MR70 flashlight
1 x ROFIS 26650 5500mAh battery
1 x Charging cable
1 x Micro USB to USB adapter
1 x Holster
1 x Lanyard
1 x USB cover
1 x User manual
2 x O-ring

Just got the discount code from Martin, this is lowest price I’ve seen. Thanks again!

Just added my email.


Why only CW……

Added my email a few hours ago, didn’t get a code yet.

Still undecided between this, the Thrunite equivalent, or the Astrolux MF01. All three are around the same price at normal discount rates.

edit - spoke too soon, just got it. I will say the discount leans in favor of the Rofis…

Thanks M4D M4X, code received and ordered.

added my email.

Ordered already. Thanks!

Ordered too. Its a whopping 30% discount. This model is also one of the few which has nicely spaced apart brightness modes. Thanks a ton, M4d M4x!

Got mine today, great deal!

Got mine the other day, and this is a nice light. The head size is about the same as an X6, I wonder if a TIR optic will fit…

Pre-ordered, many thanks.

thank you all for your participation to a growing, strong buyers comunity!


Just ordered two, thanks Martin! :slight_smile:

thanks M8! :beer: :beer:

Thanks for the code, just put in my order for one.

Got an email from BangGood:

Anyone know what the problem is?

No idea i got mine pretty quick, will be worth the wait.

MR70 is back in stock.

Kinda disappointed shipping label was send on 4/10 and been sitting there ever since even with priority shipping.