[̲̅=LMX=] Firefly LEP02 Group Buy - Limit 50pcs: Updated with more information and pictures

Hi all,

Firefly LEP02 will be 25% off, limited to 50pcs. This group buy is simple: reply below and I’ll send you my affiliate link and a coupon code. Alternatively, you can use this Google Form to submit your request: Firefly LEP01 and LEP02 Group Buy

Firefly LEP01 and LEP02 updates:

  • Testing from 5 meters to wall
  • @ 1450 for LEP02
  • Waterproof up to 1.5ms for 24 hours.
  • Aux LEDs disabled by default

LEP02 flashlight kits:

-1 x LEP02 white laser flashlight
-1 x Protected USB C-to-C 4800mAh 21700 battery
-1 x Remote Control USB-C tactical Wire Switch

Are you sure it can be delivered?
I won a Firefly LEP02 in the FireflyLite April Fools GAW and waited over three months for missing parts to be sourced, and finally settled for a P02 18650 light. That light was delivered to me yesterday (August 2nd).

Sorry to hear that. I’ll check with FF. BBL.

Hi Henk,

Jack from FF will look into this.

Hi Henk,

You should have been contacted by FF about this mix up. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thank you for catching this one for me :hugs:

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I fint these $$ forum titles to be annoying.

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Ha, you did not have to change it for me–)

I didn’t feel strongly about it, so it’s fine to change. My main goal is to make my posts stand out :slight_smile:

Any movement? Or is it still All Quit On The Eastern Front.


FF is still shipping out these lights. More were sent to the US warehouse last week. If it makes you feel better, I’m still waiting for my order (LEP01) :D. Some have already gotten theres and there is a Reddit post from one fan.