Loneoceans GXB172 Driver Group Buy

I would be interested in at least 2 of each, if 22mm came along I would not be unhappy. If you decide to do the fet tail boards, 4 or 5 of them as well.

Always admired Loneoceans’s designs, would like to try one please.

Been thinking about the tailswitch and will likely get a bunch of the boards made, and perhaps a small lot of the pogo programmer boards too, but I will leave it up to everyone to build them. They are not too difficult to assemble and is a good way for those to get used to SMD work :wink:

Well if its possible to run in 12V, im assuming this would be possible to modify for 9V also. Loneoceans may be able to provide more details on this.

Interested in two (of each, if you do 20mm).

Since there is alot of interest in the 20mm version, I may as well ask the manufacturer how much more it would cost if they can do half the batch in 20mm, since its the same components, it wont be too difficult for them to do both runs together, but will still be seperate cost for another pcb design, stencils, etc so not too sure what saving there would be at this stage.

Count me in for 4 of the 17mm’s.

Interested in 2 of each… thanks for doing this! :+1:

Interested. 1 x 17. 1 x 20.

Changing R13, the 0402 resistor to 120k should give you 9v operation.
Sense resistor R1 would probably need to be changed also to some where in the 15mohm range.

“Though she be but little, she is Fierce”

Interested in 2 of each. Thanks

Interested in 1 17mm and I would likely take a 20mm if you make it.

I’m not clear on what the firmware will be.

interested in 2 each of the 17mm and 20mm

Interested in 2x 17mm for now. Will there be firmware options to choose from? Or at least some decent default firmware??

Everything will be shipped with default firmware. I would like to see some devs in the community play around with it and write some of their own if there are people with that skill with arduino in here.
There is quite alot of potential with firmware.

Thank you. Where can I get more info on the default firmware?

And an update on pricing.
Ive got my initial quote in and component costs are just shy of $20 per board, so we are looking at $1962 total component cost for 100 boards and fabrication costs of the PCB and assembly.

We are not going to be much below $30 per board if at all by the time I get charged with import tax at my end.

Would like to feel out how much everybody is prepared to pay for a driver, and would need to fill in most of the orders before we go ahead.
If I cant get enough orders in, I may have to opt for a lower amount produced perhaps 50 boards, but this will likely increase the cost per board further.

See here:

and here:

Hope this helps.

Thank you

30$ for custom (almost one-off) and so powerful driver looks OK to me

You won't be seeing any similar soon... If it's easy for everyone to build one it would be done already