Loneoceans GXB172 Driver Group Buy

Hello BFL community,
Firstly I would like to thank Loneoceans for assisting me with putting together the build information required for manufacturing.

As many here are aware, there is a demand for this driver from the community and myself, so I have been exploring the possibility of getting a bulk order of the 17mm version made in China and arranging a group buy for the BLF community.
Being an open source project, I have no intention on selling for profit, but rather to give everyone the best possible price.

To help me out, I would like community feedback on any preferences anyone would like, for example, what colour solder mask does everyone prefer?
I would like it to stand out different to other drivers out there and be more recognizable. Loneoceans suggested to me to go with matt black, but im open to what the majority would like.

To cut cost and make things simpler, I have opted to go in with the standard configuration and use the larger 7070 series inductor.
Im assuming this will be what most people want in a convoy build. For other hosts and/or lower current drive, others may opt to switch for a 7030 series inductor.

This driver does have limitations if not constructed correctly as described in the notes, so I ask that everybody reads the notes and instructions in the links below.
GXB172 - 50W 17mm Single Cell Boost LED Driver [ GXB172 - 50W Single Cell 17mm Boost Driver! ]
For this reason its also recommended to upgrade the host to the FET tailswitch see here GFS16 - Battery Indicator Tailcap Light & 1mR FET Tailswitch! (Rev B)

Being much more simple to assemble, im not currently looking at producing these unless demand is there to get some fabricated.

I have no idea on total costs yet, but initial cost of the boards and assembly without the component price for 100 boards is currently $534 USD.

Other costs to consider will be customs/import fees/tax upon receiving at the border once I get them shipped to me, international shipping to each buyer and associated paypal fees.
The manufacturer can program the micro controller, but if its too costly, I will look at doing this myself, as I will likely have to test each board before shipping out anyway, and could do this at the same time.

But its safe to say that buying multiple boards will make the cost per board cheaper.

Im considering an initial order of 100 boards, but if there shows to be more demand, I can increase the order and that will likely lower the unit cost further.
For now im looking at doing the 17mm to begin with but will consider doing a run of 20mm in the future if this is a success and there is enough demand for it.

Feel free to ask any questions. :slight_smile:

Current quote for 100 boards is about $3004USD once shipping and taxes are taken into account, so we are looking around $30USD per board plus shipping to each buyer.

Nice suggestion!

Depending on the final price, I would be interested in two pieces.

In for 17mm and 20mm

OK, I should point out I dont have any plans to do 20mm at present, but will look into this if there is enough demand, we will need the same upfront costs to do a seperate batch in 20mm.

No problem. I'll take 2 anyhow :)

If I knew it was going to be that low… woulda done this earlier :wink:
Since you’re only doing the 17mm, I guess I shall wait for when/if you are going to do the 20mm version. (I’d likely be be asking for at least 6)

If anyone wants the 20mm also, I guess there is no harm in saying, so I can evaluate demand if nothing else.
I would expect that costs will be the same or similar for the 20mm version.
Ive updated the thread to reflect this, as I totally overlooked the 20mm version. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, 2 of each then HEHE

Thanks for organising this nzoomed!

I’m definitely interested in one driver, possibly more depending on cost. I’d be interested in a FET tailswitch too.

I haven’t actually got a plan for the driver. I’d love to hear what other people are planning to do with them.

I have coming in mail several XHP35HI in 90CRI version and FT40 (XHP70.2 dedommed 12V HI CRI version)


In for 2x 17mm + 2x 20mm
3x 17mm (if 20mm not available)

Plans? Plenty.

Edit: at price ~30$ I’ll take just half of it

In for 2 x 17mm and interested in 2 x 20mm.

In for 2x 20mm depending on price.

Edit: Consider this as a “soft” interest. I’m still weighting options.

I’m interested in 2, more if they are inexpensive. I would like 20mm version as well.

FT40? Do you mean GT-FC40

I think he mean the FC-40, yes.



Thx Rgwn hahahahaha

I would need one 20mm boost driver for the MantaRay C8.2 with a XHP70.2.

One 17mm boost driver would go in a Convoy S2+ with a XHP50.2 and maybe one in a Convoy C8+ with a XHP35.

I would be in for one. If it could be modified for 9V so I could use it on a triple in series I would be in for a second one.

Hm, 9V...damn that sounds interesting...

interested in 2 each of the 17mm and 20mm but that depends on the final price