Loneoceans GXB172 Driver Group Buy

Actually thats a good idea, there is quite a strong reddit community, either way, feel free to share this thread round and point them to it if they are interested :slight_smile:

Since I was getting 1 out of curiosity rather than for a specific need, $30 would be over my limit.

I was going to suggest revisiting your idea of bundling/kitting the components for a DIY build until I notice how incredibly small the parts are. There’s no way I could hand shoulder those parts.


Interested depending on price… cool!

lol this is exactly why I explored this option in the first place! Not many people have reflow ovens or stations either.
I probably can carefully solder the components alright, and have already ordered some boards, so probably will end up doing that at some point just for the exercise i guess!

The main benefit is that doing a bulk order is actually still cheaper than assembling by hand and you dont have to worry about damaging anything, testing, troubleshooting etc.
Building this driver yourself can easily cost over $40USD, by the time you take shipping for components into account.

Price per driver will definitely be around $30 +/- $1 at current quotes for 100 boards.
Will update the thread to reflect this.

Are all the components going to be quality and to loneocean’s specs precisely?

What are the UI options Going to be?

I will keep it standard spec, per loneoceans guidelines.
You can change a few options through the jumpers or tweaking values in the firmware.
If I end up having to program them all manually, I guess I can do custom settings if people request it.

Though to price is a bit high, I might be interested in 1.

I have to cut on half my requirement, 1x17mm and 1x20mm. Several FET switches board are still needed.

Can’t you run a vote for one specific UI? It’ll simplify it surely?

Post may lose a package or 2 and you’ll be the one to take the loss. Take it into account while calculating the price.

I would be, and hence why I would only go with tracked shipping.

Well most of the settings people would want to change can be done themselves with the soldering iron and shorting out the jumper pads.
the default settings will be fine for most users I would imagine. Some who want to run different voltages may need to change the firmware.

If there is a specific firmware change required, Im sure this can be done at extra cost.

Got too excited. If the price is around 30 USD, change my interest to just the 2 17mm drivers. Thanks for doing this nzoomed.

All good.
Still waiting to get more numbers of interested, so feel free to spread word around. :slight_smile:

Any host recommendation for these drivers?

Any single cell host that accepts a 17mm driver.
I expect most of us will be putting them in a convoy S2+ or similar host, as they are the most popular.

The tailcap board is also designed for the Convoy S2+

17mm in S2+
20mm in S21A

I’m just having this nagging feeling that pulling 50w out of a single 18650 might not be the greatest idea.

I dont think many people would be doing this, technically the driver can pull 50W, but with the default settings, max output is 5.5A which means just shy of 20W