Long throw flashlight

Hello all! I bought a Niwalker Vostro maybe 4 years ago and have absolutely LOVED it. It throws about 1.5km. Or I should say “threw” haha. It kicked the bucket, and I cannot find another good dealer for it. Anyone have any suggestions for a similar light around the same price? I paid maybe $110 for it including shipping if I remember correctly. I would like an 18650 flashlight as I already have a ton of those batteries and chargers. I am looking for maximum throw. Thank you all in advance! I love this place :slight_smile:

GT Mini:

You can find a code for it around here for 35$US.

Or would you like a similar sized light to the Niwalker?

I would prefer something closer to the Vostro. I have a couple smaller lights I use a lot more regularly. Mostly looking for something to replace my larger light though.

Maybe this can help:

Would the Astrolux MF02 work? It has the xhp 35 hi, so does the smaller FT03.

Omg you all are the best. That list is incredible. Thank you for the help.