Longest throw for under 40$

For stock light, nothing beats the Jacob A60 or the courui D01

sounds like the OP wants a laser?

LOL, specification 100% fulfilled

I was really liking the small sun and almost bought it last night. The Courui looks similar in stats but holds an extra battery which is a nice bonus. I like the button on the side and not on the bottom too. If the light performance is the same I think that’s the route I will go.

Thank you everyone for your help!

In true BudgetFlashlight form, you should buy both LOL

This forum is going to get me in trouble with the wife lol

I already bought a DQG Tiny Triple XP-G2 V2

I have already thought about getting both too. So much for having enough batteries! Lol

Throw in a A60 for the heck of it, only $15. Then just add a Y3 as it’s only $25. BUDGET light forums……yeah right. No such thing as a budget here!

Look for a cheap zy-t13 and a used Crelant collimator head. With some searching you should get close to $40. Never tested it stock, but by just changing out the LED to a dedomed XRE I got over 200kcd. I am sure with some driver tweaks and a newer gen LED dedomed you can get more out of that setup too

The courui is one number bigger and has a bigger reflector than the t08,zyt13 or yezl. Also the stock throw is higher if I remember right(about 70kcd)

Courui, yezly3,zyt13,T08,A60

+1 Yezl Y3

Stock version: 62kcd

3 mode without blinky
compact size
resistor mod possible
dedomed nice beam, tint not too green

Stock BigCourui D01 easily lights up grain silo 410 Yds. away. Sorry no pic, just the Google map.

for under 40 bucks, as mentioned above a SmallSun ZY-T08, Yezl Y3, Courui D01, or if you can find one on Ebay or from another member here, a Defiant SuperThrower (DST), or Jacobs A60.

Uniquefire UF 1405 with a dedomed XP-G2 on Noctigon and a LD-4B driver will give you almost 300,000 candela without any other mods, with good runtime as a nice side benefit. Not bad for a $45 parts list.