Longest throw for under 40$

Within reason I do not care if the head size is larger. What is my best option for the tightest beam longest throw that’s available right now for around 40 or under?

If you mean ANSI FL1 specs for throw, I’d say my recent 2D Maglite purchase that I just got at Target for $25. 168 lumens and 412 meters of throw. If you mean Non-ANSI FL1 specs, there are too many brands that’ll claim crazy lumens and/or throw for well under $40…

Do you want something off-the-shelf? Or do you mean throw after a few modifications?

Lol ok I’m new here. When I say throw I am thinking how tight and how far the beam will travel. I need something that keeps a tight beam and will illuminate that spot far away. The further the better.

As much as it would be fun to play with mods on these I unfortunately don’t have the time. Unless there is a moded version available to purchase in that price range that makes the most sense. I would be looking at something of the shelf.

Thank you for your help

The Small Sun ZY-T08 is a classic cheap thrower, about $28 and will throw 49kcd (440 meters) stock. With with some simple mods can be made into a real throw beast… I have one modded from mtnelectronics set me back $63 and throws a pencil beam at 150kcd. (775 meters). That’s tough to beat at that price point. If you did a dedome, tail spring mod, and a driver upgrade yourself you’d get better than 100kcd and come in under $40.

I don’t know if it’s the best under $40, but I would prefer a Yezl Y3 over the other current suggestions. It’s $25, but you’ll need 18650 or 26650 batteries.


For me, price showing $30.02

Yeah adding 2 quality 18650 batteries + a quality charger is going to cost $20 minimum (if you don’t already have them). If you want something that runs on alkalines, the Mag LED focuses really well, but isn’t nearly as bright as these other options.

You need to use coupon GBYEZL to bring it to $25.

It he’s looking for a tight beam with long throw a Jacob A60 and a charger and two reasonable cells comes in under $40 just. The other suggestions have too much spill if ‘tight’ is the requirement.

Too bad the Jacob A60 isn’t available any longer. $15 + battery and charger gets you under $40 by a safe margin, and that thing would throw over 50kcd stock off a single 18650. The Yezl Y3 looks like a good choice, but again, if you need batteries and charger it’ll put you over $40. And the 26650 battery is harder to obtain cheap. The OP is posting in the 18650 forum so maybe he/she is already accounting for the cost or already has 18650’s. If you use laptop or power tool pulls, and a cheap charger, you can get under $40 with either the Yezl or the Small Sun.

Edit: VFaddict beat me too it, but AFAIK you can’t buy the Jacob anymore, shows out of stock everywhere I looked.

+1 that light is amazing for throw

Another budget option is uniquefire HS-802 for $20 shipped.

I have batteries and chargers. I have been randomly buying different flashlights. Then I stumbled here. The 40$ I was thinking was just for the flashlight.

That being said if there is one for 43.50 that’s a huge step up that’s fine too.

From what I have read so far it seems the Small Sun ZY-T08 or the Yezl Y3

Which of these 2 have the tighter beam?

I believe the ZY-T08 is tighter. With some modifications it can be made from ‘good’ to ‘great’. Here is a US seller

This modded X9 for sale looks like an awesome thrower, just a little over your budget but probably worth it

Edit: It might have sold already…

Hey thanks..why didn't I think of that..

Aspherics can be very tight, but not everyone likes the squarish die projection.


If what you want is the tightest beam, the Jacob is it, just keep in mind they are not super bright or good for up close work, they are pretty much a dedicated thrower.
Also, you did not mention if it will be mounted on a gun, if so you will probably need to pot the driver for long term use, regardless of what light you buy.
Anyway, PM me if you are interested.

Yezl y3, zyt13 or t08 have about the same reflector size and led but all are different in size and the yezl has a sideswitch.
if you search the forum a bit you can find for sure stock measurements.

T08 48kcd Review: Small Sun ZY-T08 2x18650 XM-L T6 from Fasttech

You can get the Jacob A60 here