Look what's in the works: The GT Micro Ti

Say where, when and how much… :sunglasses:

I’ll take it.

Looks very nice!! Thank you for sharing tatasal…. :+1:

looks very slick

No, not my COT.
I can’t help looking at those nice fins and realise that they serve no function in a Ti version.

U mean that Ti is a terrible heat conductor ?

Yes, and it has low thermal mass per volume to compared to aluminium, and especially copper.

That means not only will the build get hotter quicker, but the heat will stay concentrated at the MCPCB for a longer period of time.

If it where just raw aluminum I would be in. I use flashlight so Ti is just for looks and egos

Oooohhh that looks nice

So is Ti gonna cost me my left macadamia?

I would never want a thrower in Ti. But then, I also wouldn't want a thrower the size of the GT Micro for a lot of other reasons anyway.


Why can’t a manufacturer just make a copper plated light for once?

I know plating on aluminium is very hard, but if I was recently able to do it on my GT Mini’s tube, Lumintop should be able to too.

Maybe I should take a picture of the copper plated aluminium tube now…
Nah. Will only show it when I’ll get my E07 and manage to actually copper plate it.

The light just looks like someone took the anodizing off it to me.

I don't like it! I don't know why??!!

I like it!

It looks cute. :heart_eyes:

This better not be a joke! Absolutely stunning, i’ll Buy three!!

:smiley: :+1:

I guess it would be better if they made the pill out of copper, and the rest Ti, like Dale’s Texas Poker.