Looking for 1 X AA value EDC

Oh thanks for the heads up! I have been waiting for the xp-g2 version of the T10 to drop. (The archer replaced the neutron, but they changed the UI.)

Glad its still a simple three mode, but I wish they spaced the modes more evenly… maybe .9lm / 35lm / 160lm OSLT. Still may pick a 1C version up for outdoor use, vs the T10 indoor.

Thanks Garry, that Saber looks like a nice light, found the other tread no problem.

Hater, no offense taken, really enjoyed your detailed post. Like I said, I agree that the R5A3 has it’s faults, but they were a big hit amongst the uninitiated, lol. Haven’t yet pulled the trigger on a replacement since giving them all away, but it’s starting to look like I’m not going to find exactly what I’m looking for without doing mods.

Anyone have the LPX-516? Looks like a copy of the Trustfire without the clip at half the price?
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Are there any lights out there at any price point fitting all of my revised criteria???

1. Small 1XAA, with at least two modes (good low w/ long run-time important)
2. Removable/Reversible clip
3. Glow ring

These list of lights fitting #1 is strong and growing, but I can’t seem to find much with either #2 or #3… In addition to those mentioned here, I’m also now considering the Fenix LD15 and the Quark Mini AA. It sure would be nice if I didn’t have to scavenge a clip and work in a glow ring myself though…

No experience with the LPX. I do see a clip there in that picture.

For the glow ring, buy some o-rings and DIY?

Jetbeam ba10
Klarus p1a

I like my Olight i3s (AAA) so much that I’m waiting for the i2s version to be released. I have not heard of a timeline (or commitment to even do so) but can only imagine they will do it. This would provide an updated XP-G2, reversible clip, tailstand, twisty and firefly mode.

“I do see a clip there in that picture.”

-D’oh! I went right past that first pic and was looking at the pics in the product description. Will probably stay away from that one anyway.

I really like that Jetbeam BA10, actually came across it earlier.

Also just read about the DQG AA “2-mode Smallest EDC Flashlight” in the review section here. This looks like it does have the glow ring, but a little pricey and looks kind of scarce, only found it for sale on cnqualitygoods.

Too many choices!!! Think I’m going to grab a Thrunite Saber though, $29 shipped looks worth it. I like the stated mode spacing and memory function. Tailstand looks iffy but possible. Then I’ll be bargain hunting for another light or two on Wallbuys when the sale starts. Hopefully it won’t be to tough to DIY something into my ideal EDC.

Am I on the “slippery slope” yet? lol

Hi Wahoo! Do you mean this one?: WallBuys.com is for sale | HugeDomains

I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Olights. I didn’t realize the clips were reversible though, missed that somehow… It does get tough keeping them all straight!

Well…that is the currently available model. And am sure it is a fine light. But they just upgraded the AAA model and released it in the past 30 days or so and some are optimistic they will not go and upgrade the AA model.

I see. Thank you for clarifying. The i3s does look like a nice upgrade over the i3. I like that new clip a lot. Might have to pick one of those up as well. Hope they do come out with an i2s. I like all of the color options. Black, black, black can get a little boring.

How to use the clip on the Olight i2 or ITP A2.

Valueseekr, In case you have not seen it, I have posted a link of 1xAA lights on another thread…


Hey FDR,

Thank you! I did find your thread the other day, fantastic work.

Your map led me to the XENO E03. This light, combined with a Fenix LD20 clip is about as close as I’ve come to finding my ideal EDC set up.

Too bad I’ve already caught and released the R5A3, currently have a Balder SE-1, and have the new Thrunite Saber 1A on order. (Not to mention the Fenix LD01 & E01 combo, but this was technically for the wife.) Still, it’s probably only a matter of time ’til I pick up the E03, and an Olight i3s too for good measure.

So much for the $20 budget, lol… I guess that a big bonus of looking for budget items it that you’re not in too much trouble when you go waaaay overboard 0:)


Thanks for the tip. I’m sure it would work in a pinch, but I’d prefer to have something I can just clip right to the brim, no?

Hopefully Olight will follow through with an i2s. A reversible clip seems like such a no brainer to me, it was a surprise to find out how much trouble it is to find what I want…

Fenix LD20 clip fits the Xeno E03? Where can you buy the clip?



Looks like several Fenix clips will fit, actually. Found this thread after searching for more info on the E03:

The link and prices in the thread are stale, but Fenix is still selling them:


Haven’t ordered anything yet. I will wait for the Thrunite before purchasing any more lights…

Dang! I might just change my mind from the Balder HD-1 to the Xeno E03 with the Fenix clip! Argh! I keep changing my mind! Yeah, I searched and found the thread and Fenix clip site, thanks though.


R5-A3 is really nice light eventhough my clip broke and I had to make a new one. I will send a photo soon.

And I just have to mention sk68,too. It is not such quality light in compare to others mentioned in this thread, but it is the most versatile light that I ever had

Where did you get yours from? Did you try the strobe delete mod? If so, did you have the moddable driver?


+100 It’s a very useful light too.

I bought it from kaidomain and it has the red driver with different mcu in it. I think that there has to be some way to delete strobe on this driver, too but I can’t test it anymore. I gave it away as a gift. Maybe I will buy another someday, I really liked it.

And there was one more thing to do… lens glass was a bit thin so the O-ring wasn’t pressed much. It could be solved easily in two ways - move the pill towards the lens (it is a threaded pill - super easy) or use a thicker glass.