Looking for 1x18650 or 1x21700 lantern for <$20

Are there any good ones anywhere?

Hopefully one that puts out at least 500 lumens, and has decent runtime.

The battery must be removable and be non-proprietary.

I like warm white, but will even accept cool white if it isn't too bluish in tint.

I looked on Amazon, and couldn't find hardly anything good under $20.

I am willing to order directly from China, though I haven't done any research (besides Amazon.)

Just stick a diffuser on your new Convoy S16 lol

Thanks, but I want a dedicated lantern that won't tip over easily.

The Sofirn LT1S is a really nice example, but a bit over my budget right now.

Closest you’re gonna get at that price, but you still have shipping.

Looks pretty good.

Is there a review where someone says how many lumens it outputs?

I ordered 4 of these...


I only need 3, but I wanted free shipping.

Even though this lantern is not made by Sofirn/Wurkkos, it is sold by them, and I hope it's good enough.

I will do some sort of review once I receive and play with my new lanterns.

It might be a mini-review, or it might be a full review, depending on how much I have to say.

I wish I had some sort of equipment to measure how bright the lantern is.


Actually, there are 4 people living at my house, so I'll have enough for everyone if the power goes out.

I was thinking I only needed 3 because I thought my sister and niece could share one, but what if they're in different areas?

So it's good that I ordered 4.

Please keep us posted once your lantern arrives. I’m curious to know how good these are. Much cheaper than the lumintop lt1s

I thought these lanterns were being shipped from Canada...

Looks like they're coming from China.

It's not a big deal, but it might take a while for me to get them.

It is worth every penny. I even go two LT1S.
Maybe sell some other flashlight.

Yeah, but is the LT1S any brighter that the ones that I ordered?

That's the real question.