Looking for a 21700 host (?)

Not exactly a flashlight mod – But I think this is the best place to ask this question.
I have a few electric screwdrivers that run on Sub-C NiCd batteries.
Over the years the packs have failed. The replacement OEM packs are too expensive and the clone packs fail fairly quickly.
Or the chargers have decided to quit.

Sooo, I got hold of some 18650 holders and cobbled together the holders you see here.
The voltages are close enough to run the motors as long as I use a cell that can put out a few amps.


What I’d like is something more elegant. There is about 26mm of space diameter wise down the tubes.
Something that could hold a 21700 in a screw top tube would be very nice.
I guess I’m basically looking for thin flashlight body with no electronics that I could hook to the internal connections.
Would a few of you measure the OD of some 21700 tubes for me? - Just to see if they would fit.

Someone with a 3D printer could, I think, make some money marketing an adapter for these things.
I’d do it, but I’d need a 3D printer, the software, someone with the skills to run all of the above.

Any ideas would be welcome.
All the Best,

The Convoy S21A host is for a 21700 cell and available at Mountain Electronics. if you want to spend the $13.xx

I'm sure you could sell any parts you won't need for your project.

Read the warning about rewrapped cells.

I'd be interested in the parts

I looked there but missed the S21A among all the S2(s).
I don’t use re-wrapped cells unless they come from a reputable source. The one in the picture is a SanyoGA (my current fave other than a 30G)

With an OD of 26mm, I might be able to stuff it down the screwdriver or open up the old handle to fit it.
The extra parts would probably end up in my parts pile. Everyone need a good junk pile to grab stuff out of.
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It's all the way on the bottom of the Flashlight Hosts list.


Found it,
Thanks again