Looking for a bright tube light with nice clip.

Hey I took my Eagle Eye X6-SE (~1000 lumens) to work on Friday instead of my Olight S20 (550 lumens). I really enjoyed the extra lumens the light gave, but the shape of the light was not very good for the work.

So what I want is a budget version of the Olight S30(1000 lumens).

Tube light
1000 lumens
Carry Clip, even better if its deep carry.

I was looking at convey lights but I don’t understand amps to lumens.

Tube style Convoys are rated max 2.8 Amps, around 1000 LED Lumens which is very similar to the X6 SE. But the X6 will look brighter to the eyes because the more intense hotspot. I have a convoy S2 with clip but it’s not really a useful clip.

If you can live without the clip I suggest you try the Convoy S2+. Otherwise the BLF A6 linked above

I put my name on the list for the A6.

What is the best site for conveys? Mntelectronics? fasttech? something else?

If you want a guaranteed real Convoy, get it at the source:


Send Simon an email to pay via PayPal.

If you are US based, then Mnt Electronics is a good bet for fast delivery.

Convoy lights are generally very good and the 2.8amp S series lights are very nice.

Clips are not the best, but work fine IMO. I like the S2+ as it looks great in red and the switch is really nice on it.

Remember beam pattern will change with a smaller reflector though, it’ll be more floody and won’t shine as far.

Also if you run the light for extended on times, then heat might be an issue. The X6 is pretty beefy, so will run no probs on higher outputs (although the BLF variant steps down anyhow).

An S2+ or similar will get quite hot on max output at 2.8amps. So much so that it may become uncomfortable to hold, so you’ll have to drop it down to Medium output.

This is true for any light from any maker. Expensive ones like Fenix and similar suffer this too and normally have a programmed step down to reduce out automatically.