Looking for a Budget Mesh Office Chair

So far, I have only checked out Amazon.

I want to spend less than $100.

I looked at mesh chairs on Amazon that have at least 4.4/5.0 stars and at least 20 reviews.

The only chair that I could find that fits that description is this one:


It will be my computer chair and I will be sitting in it a lot.

By the way, I'm six feet tall and I weigh about 200 pounds.

I'm sure some of you use a nice budget mesh office chair...

Any recommendations?

A good chair is 1 thing I won’t skimp on - in my experience of buying cheap, They are made to look fantastic at first but they don’t last long before they start to wobble, the stuffing is poor and wears out in no time and they up uncomfortable and bad for your posture. You would be better off buying a second hand/office clearance one that cost $500 when new and is being sold off cheap. I made the mistake of buying cheap a few times and none of them was any good.
When you think about how many hours you’ll sit in it then it is worth every penny in the long run to get a good one.
Also the thing about reviews is they are based on first impressions (mostly) within an hour or so of use, so take them with a pinch off salt lol!

This is the office chair I am currently using:


I cannot afford nice leather, so I settled for PU leather.

I won't be doing that again!

I have two of these chairs, and one of them is peeling really bad.

That's one reason why I'm looking for mesh now.

When I chose the PU leather chair, I went to Staples and tried out all of their affordable office chairs.

I wish I could try out the chairs I find on Amazon.

I can recommend Ikea Markus, but I believe it’s out of your price range.

It’s about $150 here.

As above.
DON’T go by the wallet.
Try one first and go by your butt.

You WILL be sorry afterwards if you don’t.

No amount of cushions make up for a poor seat cushion/Back profile.
You HAVE to be supported at the right angles on the right Pressure points.
It’s no different to a Orchopaedic car seat really.
I bought a cracker for my Patrol 18 yrs ago.
Coil suspension under and behind it.
On it’s third car. third set of straps/covers.
STILL the best car seat I’ve ever sat in,
sometimes for over a 1000/1100km’s per day.

Don’t scrimp mate.

I’ve been happy with this Hyken mesh chair.


A little over your budget, but they go on sale at times.

Looks pretty good.

If it drops in price a good bit, I'll check it out further.

I second the hyken. I sit in a Herman Miller Aeron, in the office, three days a week. When I work at home the other two, it’s in the hyken. My back can’t tell the difference. No complaints after ten hour days with minimal time out of the chair. Lumbar pad is decent. Adjusts sufficiently.

There are places that resell high end office furniture that are really good if you look around, I have scored some really nice chairs for around $50 You might want to consider it if your budget is tight.

I have these at the office but they are not very comfy. I honestly am very happy that we switched offices in the past few months after the lock-downs were lifted. I really missed the overall atmosphere of an office and I am really enjoying work these days.
After the pandemic our company went through some changes and we are currently renting out a serviced office for a really cool price. As an employee I enjoy it a lot because the place is spacious, bright, there are snacks, coffee, tea and some serious juice when it comes to internet speed. I think that if you guys are thinking of changing your office space you should think about renting out a serviced office. We used this website as our main point of reference: https://osdoro.com.sg/serviced-offices/. I am hoping this will be helpful for you guys as well.

Mesh chairs do not muffle fart noises.

Office chairs and I don’t seem to mesh. :stuck_out_tongue: I have never found one that I really liked, and I’ve owned several and sat in many dozens.

I’ve been considering a new chair for a bit too, not that I don’t like my gaming chair it feels like the bucket seat I have in my car but summer months are coming up again and even with AC one will sweat on a leather chair over time…. Been contemplating building something like this……

well, i use Craig’s List.
here is one:


Funny. I have that exact chair. Love it! Buy with confidence!

This thread in another forum could be useful in providing ideas.

I have to agree with G0OSE here. I bought an almost new second hand Steelcase Leap V2 at $200, best chair my ass has ever seen. Took an hour adjusting the chair settings to fit my body, but now I can sit 5 hours straight and not have a sore back, which was impossible with my previous chair which only looked good. I am still glad I took that leap of faith on buying used chair.

Amazon review/scores rarely live up to expectation, buyers often don’t know what qualities to look for in a good product. For example, top flashlight in Amazon (30000+ ratings 4.7/5) is an $18 zoomie powered by 3AAA batteries without a lumen output specification, which we all know is an overpriced and inferior product.

100 bucks for a good mesh chair??? lamo. good luck


I’d get something rated twice your weight as in my experience the steel always bends to one side…

I found this seller: https://www.btod.com/
Their return policy for refurbished Steelcase/Herman Miller chairs says:

If this is true, you can try top tier chairs at no cost.