looking for a circular polarizer for infrared light - wavelength around 800-900 nm

I am in need of a circular polarizer for infrared light - wavelength around 800-900 nm. The material should be CHEAP, and easy to work with (cutting with scissors for instance). Is there something like this?
I know this is not a forum for dedicated to such stuff, but someone might just have a clue… Thanks for help guys!

But there are flexible and glass versions of each and so you can add them togther if that is what you want. Look on ebay or photo supplers.

…or microscope filters.

Sorry, I have not been able to find such stuff on ebay. My problem is I need circular polarizer that will make the infrared light polarized. I need to put it in front of an IR led to circularly polarize the light coming out from it. I dont want a polarizer that polarizes visible light, I need circularly polarized IR light.

Inexpensive Circular Polarizing Filters (CPL): Not great but good enough


Try them and see if they work.




I really appreciate your help guys, and I can say I already have some of this stuff, but I need a polarizer that works with INFRA-RED light, not visible. These polarizers are surely great for visible light, but they are not effective at 840 nm wavelength.

Have you tried this

Strange, I have already looked at their website, maybe weeks or months ago, but that has escaped my attention. It looks promising, thanks wedlpine !

For which purpose polarized ir-light can be useful?