Looking for a flashlight for my 3 year old daughter

Hello everyone. I am looking for a flashlight for my three year old daughter. Today in the house after it was dark outside she wanted to play ball. I asked her to go find her green tennis ball, so she went looking for it but could not find it. I got out my UF 504B with XML and used it on low. I also gave her to Fenix E01 to use and help me find the ball. She had a blast doing this. She is also for some reason reaching that age where she wants a night light/flashlight to sleep with where she has never needed this before. Now with that Fenix E01 I did see her putting it in her mough today....that is not a good thing. What is out there in a flashlight that is dim but would be a good idea for a 3 year old as a toy and to have in bed with her? I have plenty of AA and AAA rechargeable batteries. I am thinking 10LM is too bright for a child....as she did shine the E01 a lot in her face today. What do you have for this idea?

The piggy!

That's 3 whole dollars and some change for 5 of them.

They are momentary only, dirt cheap, relatively bright for what they are, they're cute, and did I mention cheap?

They're what my daughter had when she was 2 1/2 yrs. old. They can be found locally, but I can't tell you where off the top of my head.

id jump on the sipik deal going on. our kid love the flood to zoom. but be careful, other toy lights just dont amuse him much any more

Hey Paul how about the Richaung 7001 I sent you that would be perfect. Just be careful she doesn't chew on it or try to swallow it or the piggy that is pretty cool for a kid.

@pulsar, true about not interested on any other light, i gave my 2 year old daughter an solarforce l2m with the xpg drop-ins and she never want any other light that doesn't have the same brightness as the l2m (i tried a lifeglow stick). Kid's these day...

Hey Mr. sir, I did let her play with the Richaung 7001 today and she wanted to put it in her mouth. Now I like the tail clickie....she could use that just fine. I am a little scared to leave her alone with it....but she was able to use that better than the Fenix E01. By the way, that Mag Solitaire is very nice in the dark of night trying to read a watch. I have to find that Richaung 7001 I never got it back from her. LOL :)

Miss Piggy is a hit with all my adult female friends, as well as the younger ones. And she actually puts out a useful amount of light.

Android Mascot may be a nice toy flashlight at $5.29.

A pink rubber torch may be something to look at if your looking for more of a "flashlight". It's one of those 9 x 5mm LED flashlights.

If you don't want to damage her eyes, I don't recommend that you give to her a flashlight with power led.

My daughters (4.5 and 2.5 years old) love Life gear flashers. They are not much bright to put their eyes in danger and they have some "fun" functions for children. Also, they are big enough to not be ...eatable!

Small: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Life-Gear-Glow-Key-Chain-Light-GREEN-/320712213292?pt=US_Flashlights&hash=item4aabf0032c

Big: http://www.lifegearcompany.com/glowsticks/index.html

My son is 3 years old and he has two of these:

It's got a pretty dim LED and uses 2x AA, so it can run for hours on end. They also had it in Disney princess design.

I got it at a local dollar store kind of thing, called Zeeman, cost €1.99 (+/- $2.50) and he absolutely loves it and I don't have to worry he gets any eye-damage from it (kids will put flashlights on their eyes when turned on). (anyone from NL and BE, Zeeman is the place to get Epoxy, dirt cheap...)

I'd suggest you try and find something similar where you live, I'd never let my kid play with power LED flashlights, at least not until he's old enough to understand why he shouldn't shine it in his eyes.

He did get to use my C3 and Sipik SK-58 zoomie when I'm around to keep an eye on him before. He loves going for a walk with flashlights in pitch dark in the parc across the street.

I was looking at a light like this in pink from Disney. It has two AA in it. I think I will go this route as they have one in pink for her. Thanks for the help.

I bought my 3 year old son a single AA disney cars torch but when he tried one of mine he never touched it again. It is really weak, there’s safety and then there’s pointless. You’d honestly have a hard time seeing the beam in the dark lol.
I bought him an ebay special 3w led police torch which is single AA. Again it’s a dim light but a lot brighter than the cars one. The light it gives out is very blue and he likes it. It’s nice to get them a waterproof one as they’re great fun in the bath. With some bubbles in their bath the light has a great effect, especially if it’s a blue’ish tint like his.
I’ve actually bought him a small sun S9 for a stocking filler as it’s a bit of a replica of daddy’s V10R titanium :smiley:

Your kid has only two eyes, he (you) messes them up, they're messed up for life, don't underestimate the damage a high intensity lightsource can cause to your (kids) retina.

I'd rather take no risks, but each has to raise their own and if you think it's safe for your kid, that fine by me, I on the other hand rather play on safe instead of even remotely risking being the cause of a blind spot in his vision he'll have to live with for the rest of his life.

I beleive eye color will play an important part in the event of eye damage. Darker eye colors are harder to be hurt by light.

I found a dim incan light that takes one AA and the plastic lens is made in such a way that it has no hotspot as well. You can look right at it because it has no focus at all. I am pondering this. It is more of a toy and for her to help daddy and think she is doing something with it....not to really see with. The light may be 2LM....it is about as bright as a Mag Solitaire.


Here is what I got. Disney single AA incann light.

Next to a TF R5A3 AA light

Disney light @ 3feet

Mag Solitaire @ 3 feet


Start on low lumens, don´t show your bigger + better lights.

When they get "the bright one", that will be the only one that will do :bigsmile:

My 3yr old has my L2i (R5, 1A driven multimode) for a go-to-sleep light.

Does change modes, luckily not modegroups yet...

You'd want something with a diffuse TIR optic or a "showerhead" multi 5mm LED. Less risk of eye damage with those setups.

Where did you hear that? I’m curious about the mechanism( s ) at work here. How would a more pigmented iris protect the retina from damage as the pupil is transparent in either case?

This is actually from personal experience. Some of my friends have blue/gray eye colours whereas mine are dark brown. They are easily hurt from bright lights while I can withstand them. No this has nothig to do with the fact that I am a flashaholic and they are not. xD

EDIT: Same case with skin color and sun burns.

My daughter (6 1/2) has a 2AA Disney Princess incandescent flashlight which she had to buy while daddy was checking out the other lights in stock. That light just didn't last real long (cheap switch mechanism quite making contact correctly). She now has 2 of those really cheap 3AAA 9 LED lights. I can get 2 of those with batteries for $2.99 locally and could care less if she loses or breaks them!