Looking for a good budget thrower

Hey everyone,

I need some ideas on a good budget thrower, This is my wish list

$20 or less

18650 battery, I would prefer the light can take flat tops and button tops

Some spill, I don't need a recoil light

If you have links that would be great, or let me know where you bought yours at.


This has very good reports as a terrific budget thrower. There's a whole thread around here about it by ILIKEFLASHLIGHTS, with beamshots, I intend to buy one myself.

Alternatively, if you can go to $25 this is a great thrower. Its a Dereelight clone and it takes standard P60 pills. So its easy to swap emitters on later with the complete pill from any P60 drop-in. Well worth the $5 over budget spend.

Trustfire C8 with stainless bezel: http://www.dinodirect.com/flashlight-900lumens-5mode.html

Using "BLACK2S" coupon will bring it down to $19.35 . The stainless bezel is a nice addition. :)

Use it before the price will go up. There should be a spring at the positive contact for flat top cells.

Have bought 2 of these and five for gifts. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CREE-Led-500-Lm-Rechargeable-K8-Flashlight-Torch-Lamp-/250667921777?pt=AU_Sport_Camping_Hiking_Lamps_Torches&hash=item3a5cf8f171

That looks similar to this which is half the price although shipping is about $6. BTW its from 365digital an ebay seller I trust to the same degree as cyberport888.

Yes, very similar as I also purchased 2 quite cheaply for gifts (always good for gifts when batteries and charger included) but the switch cover was different and slightly harder to use and the leds needed centering on the pill. Both also needed a good clean, especially the threads, otherwise they performed eaqually as well.

Thanks, I may check out that gold Ebay one. I haven't had much interest in throwers before now but I am looking for something a little different to play around with

Well if you truly want the best thrower light that I know of for less than $20 it would probably have to be this one. But it's not a XM-L. It's a Cree Q5 Ultrafire C8. Just so you know. But well worth the money. I have that light and it didn't cost me a dime since the guy lied about it being a XM-L. But it is definately one of the best throwers I have. It will definately out throw the other Q5 I have that was listed above. That's a good one too. But this one is better and brighter.


I may have some beamshots.

Here's one from the Ultrafire C8 Q5 at 110yds. My beam is just a hair low, but it still lit up the pool wall and deck good.

ILF, is this the same as the one you got?

Ok, I'm glad I haven't pulled the trigger on any of these just yet, the options keep rollin in

Ok, I did some looking around on the cheap C8, http://www.ebay.com/itm/UltraFire-C8-CREE-Q5-Tactical-Flashlight-Torch-Light-/280751589397?pt=US_Flashlights&hash=item415e194815#ht_500wt_949 same seller is selling 5000mah 18650's

It looks to be the same, but I don't know for sure if it is.

I still think the Ultrafire HS-802 is one of the best budget throwers around.

True, but the OP says $20 or less so that means the HS-801 or HS-802 are out.