Looking for a Magnifying Lamp that will take a regular LED bulb, not with a ring of LEDs


this is sort of a follow up to this post:

I am looking for a Magnifying lamp that will fit a regular bulb (I would use a good LED bulb 100w equiv or higher). Almost all of the lamps on Amazon seem to be the same chinese knockoffs where you have a a reasonably sized piece of glass with 5x or 10x magnification and a ring of crappy LEDs around the outside of the glass, which would not be bright enough to really see things compared to a good 100w equiv LED bulb.

an old school version is out there on amazon:

however the design is old, and the glass size / reading area is quite small.

I’m hoping that some one knows of a different site or location that might sell something like the older design with more glass and able to use regular bulbs (led versions).

The problem with a single bulb is getting the light where you want it. With a single bulb you will be fighting shadows all of the time. Been there, done that. Not good.

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that’s a very good point. I wouldn’t mind a ring of LEDs, but nearly all of the ‘Ring LED’ mag lamps on Amazon do not mention lumens or quality of LEDs, so it’s difficult to get a sense of their true brightness or quality or warmth.

I use an old school desk lamp with a magnifying glass. And I have replaced the old school 40W bulb with an E10 400lm led bulb. Works for me, does not even get luke warm.

But I do admit: a quick search (just now) only resulted in one picture of a sold out light.

yep, that lamp is same I linked from amazon for the old school lamp, it’s currently $40 w/no bulb.

Can you link which E10 bulb you are using? I have not really looked into the bulbs, was going to use one of the FEIT ?regular? sized bulbs from the multi packs at Costco which now come w/a slider to ?set? the warmth/white level.

I use the most down to earth Ikea 400 lm. it looks pretty much like the B10 shape on THIS page. A similar lightbulb (200 lm version) sits in my fridge for many years now, after a €10 Whirlpool special fridge lightbulb died in 2 seconds (and the store owner said: no warranty on bulbs and batteries, hè hè hè.).

At the photo lab we had lenses about 8 inches in diameter with a ring fluorescent light and tungsten bulbs. this was to get a more natural color to inspect photographs. Since photo labs are extinct there are probably a bunch of these floating around.

This isn’t the one you are looking for but you might keep it on the backburner in case, at least it says 2200 lumens and seems better quality than the 1800 lumen ones.

it might be worth it to set a pricewatch for $50 and try it out. for those that you used ones like these, would the 5x version that is cheaper be a decent option or is the 10x just a better choice here?