looking for a mini pocket rocket

i lost my r5 version quark mini-AA, and i'm looking for a replacement. need something pretty small, floody, and powerfull.. i use 14500 rechargeables, but something that can run off of a AA back-up would be nice. i liked the quark because it was so tiny and powerful and floody. i also really liked the twisty switch, and not having to worry about it coming on while in my pocket. any suggestions besides the xeno eo3?? thanks!

ITP A2 ?

PA10 or SC80

i own neither.

Trustfire R5-A3


In the R5-A3... that looks like an XP-G but it's listed as the XP-E...anyone that can confirm/deny this? Also... AFAIK XP-E goes to R3-R4.

It's an XPG and if you get he one KD sells the driver can be modded to eliminate the strobe mode.


Thanks for the info but this light isn't really on my "buy" list... however if I were using 14500's it might be on there. :)

Why not get just another Quark mini-AA? They had limited edition of high-CRI version but that seems to out of stock already. They still have Mini 123 and CR2 version available.

If you don't want the E03 XM-L, then get the Balder SE-1 XM-L. Probably driven at about 1.6-1.7A.

2100 you beat me to it. At only $23(CW) and $25(NW) shipped.

The Balder is on my list of wants, except I want the XP-E version for more throw and IMHO more of a "pocket rocket" than the XML verison, but YMMV.

Isn't it a little over driven on 14500s?

Disregard, I was talking about the XPE...

I know the uf-2100 takes 18650's but it isn't much bigger than a 14500 based light..I use mine more than my 14500 EDC's..worth thinking about

A UF-2100 is huge compared to a MiNi AA. (which is what the OP is looking to replace). To me the E03 is even a bit on the large side for sitting in a pocket but the output is equally large. I’d just get another MiNi or equivalent.

which vendor? thx!


why is it suggested over the BD-1 for 14500 use?

and is the cool white version "blue-ish/purple-ish" or just really 'white'?

cant decide on cw or nw. i like white but not yellow tints. but i prefer yellow over blue or purple or green any day lol

All ITP lights uses premium tints (white). I have Xeno E03 CW XML, and I can say that it's not so cold, only a slight purplish spill tint (outer part). Both ITPs I have has very good white tint. Anyway, how much do you want to spend?

less than $40.

i read the eo3 and bd-1 get hot quickly on high using 14500, which is not good for me..

So use them on medium :| You want pocket rocket? Get overdriven light then, i.e. Xeno :bigsmile:

Apart from Xeno (R5 or XML) and another mini-AA, you can also get JetBeam BA10 or already suggested Balder SE-1 (R5 or XML)