Looking for a phone to replace htc one m9 (ir blaster)

Well I have had my faithful HTC one m9 for 5 years now, and the battery life has become horrendous (less then 3 hours at idle), and it’s time for a new phone. Easy right?

Few requirements - Ir blaster, good camera, expandable memory. A phone I won’t replace for another 4-5 years. I won’t even ask for user serviceable battery, as we all know how that works - I wouldn’t be looking for a new phone if the end user could replace it easily.

Other then the horrible battery(wasn’t always this bad) I have been very happy with my one m9, and have contemplated buying another one (wwwwaaaaayyyyyy cheaper then I paid for mine originally!). But everyone seems to have gotten away from this ir blaster. I do see that they make a otg ir blaster adapter, but at the point of carrying around another adapter - I may as well carry the remote >.>

I see xiaomi popping up in my search, but I am unfamiliar with them (other then a flashlight I have from them). I have seen the tinfoil stories “they can track you, avoid Huwai and xiaomi blah blah…” yeah I’m not worried about that, if they wanna track me they’re already doing it. Im Worried about real things, like not having an ir blaster for my not so ancient equipment. (See the sick zebra? Here’s a stick!)

Anyone currently using any phone equipped with an ir blaster?

The xiaomi mi A2 lite has an IR blaster, a 4000mah battery and an android one operating system as opposed to the bloated and sketchy MIUI that is found on other xiaomi phones.

Fantastic phone for the price, not sure how compatible it is with the US carriers though.

I own the Xiaomi Mi 9(was first now second fastest phone in the world) and my wife owns the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. Both are amazing phones and both have IR blasters.

I use Nova Launcher and it works great. I don’t find anything weird r sketchy, lol. It’s just a clone iPhone OS. Nova launcher really makes them both great.

LG V20

If the battery is only issue, maybe just replace battery?

Replacing the battery in my one m9 requires me to disassemble the phone entirely, and separate the LCD/touchscreen from the circuit board just to replace the battery that’s sandwiched between.

While I may try replacing the battery after I get a new phone just to see if I can; I don’t want this to be one of those “oops” moments, and then have an inoperable display…

I will research the xiaomi mi-9/a2lite,and the note 7, they really do seem like great phones/phablets - I just have to make sure I can use them on Verizon. I have a coworker who has a v20 (came from v10 with boot loop issues) and he seems to like his phone now, however a quick Google says that issue still surfaces. Also I Didn’t see that it had an ir blaster before, but it does - and with a removable battery, which I kind of like.

@Tomogchi, what is your price range for the new phone?

Well, the cheaper the better. I’d like to stay under 300$ (a direct replacement of my one m9 is 120$), but with everything moving to USB c, i think it’s time to migrate. I’m the only device left in the house with microusb.

However I’m not afraid to spend more (spent over 500$ on my phone at launch), and while I gawk at its ridiculous low price (now), I don’t regret having paid that much for how long I’ve had it, and how well it has worked during that time.

Just get yourself a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9:

I wish the s9 had an ir blaster :frowning:

Haven’t had any issues with the LG V20. Bought it used off Swappa July/2017. After a year I bought an extended 6000 mAh battery to replace the failing original. Mine’s rooted running Lineage which gives me the latest security updates and is frankly better than waiting around for the oems to provide that “service”!

Google pixel 3

Xiaomi Mi A2 (not A2 lite) Mine cost £120. It’s a cracking little phone once you put it in a decent case (camera lens is raised and fragile, but fine in a good case). Doesn’t have expandable storage but 64gb (also 128gb I believe?) may be enough for you. Nice camera. I love my phone. Oh, and Android One, which is a revelation.

After my HTC one M7 bit the dust I went with an LG G5. Best phone I’ve ever owned. Still almost as fast as new flagships, has removable battery, IR blaster. Some folks have had GPS issues but mine is fine. You can now buy overstock fairly “new” ones for about 130 on the bay.

I was looking at xiaomi, but i failed to realize most of their phones can not be used on verizon, at least not easily.
In the end, I went with the LG v20 (120$ new off ebay) that rougesoul suggested.
I also found a 10,800 mah battery, and a new back cover. That REALLY peeks my interest, however I cant use an otterbox with it. Might just get that 10,800mah battery still.

I appreciate everyones input!

I have a Huawei Mate 9 and is a BEAST! It has IR blaster as you requested, battery is easily accessible and it works perfect! Have you looked on Swappa?

@Tomoghi, maybe you should’ve waited for the Mi A3 that should released relatively soon.