Looking for a post on linking posts

Title says it all. This seems to be a skill common to others that I lack. I would like to correct this. Went through 5 pages of threads on site info and, thank you, got my answers to posting pics but now would like to learn how to link to other posts. A link to a good thread would be nice. Thanks

Well, once you've copied it from up top, highlight the word that is going to house the link, click on the "unbroken chain link" in the post tool bar (it's the second icon to the left of the "anchor"), then paste. Hope that was clear enough.

Are you talking about linking to a specific post#?

I link all the time, helps to have BLF open in two browser windows. Copy the link from a thread you want to reference from the address bar, go to the other window and paste anywhere. If you want to link to a particular post, click on the number of the post, then copy the address from the address bar.

If you want to do an imbedded link, follow those steps, but instead of paste, highlight the word or phrase, click on the chain icon (two left of the anchor), then paste.

Great minds, cone.....

After reading mine, I'm not even sure I'm going to be able to link anything. What a bunch of labored prose. Seriously, this is what happens when I'm try to stay on topic and be helpful. Quick, somebody derail this thread and put me out of my misery.

It's easy:

Open a page you want to link to, copy it's (http) address and paste it in your article/reply like this:


If you want any word to become a link, write down your sentence, highlight the words you want shape as a link, click the chain icon on the toolbar, then paste the same address to the small window/frame that opens. Like this one here: BLF Pet/Companion thread.

Both my links will take you to the same article.



OMG, that's so much better than what I did. I'm such a hack.

Cntrl + K

Thanks for shedding some light onto my ignorance. This is a very user friendly forum. I appreciate those who created it, maintain it, and populate it.