Looking for a powerbank chip that can use a single USB-C as in and output

For future drivers I am looking for a simple chip solution that combines in and output on just one USB-C socket

basically a embedded solution with one chip architecture some caps and one inductor

Can’t help you with that but I love that you want to go this route.


this IC supports OTG usb, it may fits your need

This chip has separate In and outputs so not useable für single port

OTG has nothing to do with the single input/output to charge and Power out
OTG simply means you can connect a smartphone and USB stick and they share data

Are you looking for a USB-C 3A controller or a USB-C PD controller?

normal USB-C with 3A
basically just a chip that connects to that connector for in and output, a few cpas and an inductor

A bit expensive, but will work well as a DRP port, as well as communicating over I2C:

Its just a router, so this would not buck or boost the voltage charging or discharging battery to USB

this looks like it, but tzoo powerful and expensive

But I guess i found the word making further search easier bidirectional power

What you want to look for is a dual-role port, or DRP as I mentioned before.

Also, sorry for before. I thought you only needed a power passthrough port.

Hey Lexel, any news on that project?

Lexel any update?