looking for a reliable zebralight h600 dealer in hong kong..

I pay no duty or tax when things are sent from HK..problem I have is zebralight is out of stock and they send china post instead of hk post..so it's a double negative..hk equipment do not have the h600 and I have just heard a response from them through email about this..I can't find any dealers that have an h600 other than in the US and I have to pay taxes and duties on top of extra shipping charges..anyone have any help to provide? thanks!

Hi pounder

it may be worthwhile contacting ZL i put in a order the second week in December for a H600 as a Xmas present from my wife to me

it said back order then aswell got a Email from them 2 days later to say it had been dispatched

it arrived a week later i was very surprised as i wasn't expecting to get it in time for Xmas

thanks! I emailed ZL and they said they would have stock mid January..I also contacted hkequipment who said they didn't have any h600's..then two days later they (hke) emailed me saying they have h600 and it was being held for me..i've had good experience with hke..

it is a good light a wee bit heavy on the front of your head i think it would be better with a top strap ( only my opinion )

PS what is the bike in your avitar

cheers Barrie

Yeah I have an h31 and it's nice and light but not as bright as the h600 and runtime is shorter..the h600 will have its place when weight isn't an issue..might modify the top with a strap if need be..

The bike is a Honda ruckus scooter..50cc but bored to 58.1ccs..it's a fun little toy

You pay no duty or tax because the HK dealers write a fake customs declaration, not because the country of origin has a special meaning.

So just get your Chinese dealer to write a similar fake customs declaration and you'll pay no fees there either.

The problem with china post isn't the duty..ipay no duty with china post either..problem is they are so much slower..