Looking for a small EDC knife! recommendations please!

Hey everyone. I am looking for a small EDC knife that I can carry without feeling bulk or like its being obtrusive in my pocket.

Something thinner, plain edge and a simple design. Also, I’d love if it had an Orange G10 thing going on. I saw this one and loved it so if anything like this exists, let me know:

Something along those lines is what I am looking for.

Thanks for any help BLF members!!



I have it with black g10 handles. Only weighs couple ounces.

This is a modded SRM 785.

Since you’re a ’pegger, here’s a sample from a Canadian supplier. You may find others here as they have a huge selection.

Orange and G10 but not very budget

Orange and budget, but not G10

Same as above but larger

Orange, budget and small, but not G10

More red than orange, but worth a consideration: L06 / L06-1

Smaller/thinner but already a little too funky looking: RB783

Thanks everyone! I have really wanted a knife with glow scales, and I saw they are made by ‘kryptoglow’ for the kershaw skyline. The skyline also has some damn fine reviews so I may check that knife out. Thanks for all of the awesome suggestions.

This forum is the best. Helpful people. Helpful people that are especially helpful with making me spend money.

Yep, when I got my Skyline they were introduced at Walmart for $25….that was in 2006.

Now the glow scales are @ $50 and the Skyline @$45….man o man.

Time marches on…Enjoy your new found knife. I don’t even know it’s there when clipped inside my jean pocket. Carried it ED for six years now. Amazing little knife for sure.

Here is the one I would buy. http://www.blade-tech.com/Ganyana-Lite-Orange-pr-1105.html

Good quality and meets all your demands.

Spyderco Delica or if you a cheap GANZO Firebird F759M for a really good quality spyderco clone.


Yes Jay is great to deal with at W&W.

I have mostly Benchmades and Zero Tolerance. I am not a fan of Spydies.