Looking for a solid 1xAA that will last, also looking for a big thrower for camping.

Hey guys !

Right now I have 3 Ultrafire Cree C3 lights, which are cool, but too big for 1XAA (pocket use)

Also have Tank007 E07, Trustfire F23, and iTP EOS AAA - These satisfy my small AAA needs.

I am on the hunt for a 1XAA light that is smaller than the C3, built WELL (won't fail, reilable) and bright enough- off DX.

Options are the Trustfire F22, as I like the build and looks, but at that high price (20USD), Isn't the 1XAA Version of the ITP much better ? Anyway i'm open to suggestions.

Question number 2:

Looking for a budget thrower for complete darkness in the woods. Camping use.

Size unlimited, it's gonna be a backpack light, prefeably off DX.

10-30 dollars. Needs to have solid battery life, I would rather use AA's or CR123 if it's a must.

What would it be ?

There are lot of lights that'll out-throw the F22. Depends how much money you want to spend. There aren't many lights smaller than the C3 that use an AA.

The Nitecore D10 is smaller then the C3 but i really doubt that you want to spend that kind of money......especially since its not meant to be a thrower. There are a couple of single AA reviews on the forum just read up on them and make a choice. Or you can post a link here for something that you may want. May i ask why a single AA light. I would think 2AA's would be better for outdoor use or better yet an 18650 powered light because of the runtime one gets.

So would you recommend a Romisen RC-N3 2XAA for the outdoor job ? It's only like 15 dollars..

What would you recommend in the 18650 area ?

Also, Is the F22 worth getting if I already have F23 ? I mainly want it because of the defense bezel, could be useful, but does it have a longer runtime etc ?

By my recommendation i would at least have it in your stable......uses 2AA's and a 16340 or primary. Feels good to hold and you can find a review here http://budgetlightforum.cz.cc/node/59. I get close to 3 hours on a fully charged set of nimh, and the light is very edc'able if you carry it around in pocket rocket mode with either a primary or rcr. As for 18650's you might want to ask Don, he has thread describing drop-ins and the lights that you can use them in. http://budgetlightforum.cz.cc/node/174

The F22 will run for about 3 times as long as the F23 and produce quite a bit more light while it is at it. I like it a lot, but it is big for a single AA light. It should be just about possible to make an 18650 light that size.

For an 18650 light I like the Aurora SH-032, or something like a Solarforce L2 with your choice of P60 dropins. The XP-G R5 ones are very bright.

Very nice. So I'll probably get the Romisen and the F23 to rest all my light needs.

F22 will be in pocket

Romisen for camping

F23 when in duty (assault bezel) although I have a tactical pen, but I would rather have a light than a pen as EDC.

BUT THEN AGAIN, I will only take the Romisen if it's brighter than a F23, the whole purpose of this purchase is to beat the light produced by the C3,F22 or a F23 I will be getting for sure mostly cuz of the bezel.

So is it much brighter or a waste of money i dont have ?

Thanks !

I have the single mode Q5 N3 and for me it has a wide spot and good spill, and did i mention that it is bright.

Hey there Cruzer23, welcome to the forum!

It sounds like the F22 is a bit big, so that's not exactly an advantage for that light. It sounds very nice, though. I have a Romisen RC-I3 (two options) on order from DealExtreme, which looks small and high-quality. It has a 2xAA extender, which I personally won't be using. I'll post a review as soon as I receive it. I am also very partial to the Akoray K-106 3-mode programmable, which is very bright, high quality, and small. While you're at it, also pick up a generic AA light from QualityChinaGoods, it's dirt cheap, great quality, has amazing battery life, and is the smallest AA light I own.

Thank you sb55 ! That silver Romisen does look tempting :)

But you see, the question is, how much brighter are these romisens (N3, I3, etc) than the F22/C3 Q5's etc ? I'm already set in that department I guess as I have all those lights. I am looking for something that will light up the way in dark woods, while staying in budget.

I know there's no way around a 200$ Fenix thrower but I am willing to compromise.

So what would be the budget light, up to 25~ $ that will put out twice as much light and distance as a C3 SS for example ? Something that's worth getting extra over what I already have ?

I have the P4 C3 SS and my Romi is brighter whether its using a cr123 or 16340 or two AA's.

Yeah, that's the problem with the Romisen RC-I3 from DX, it currently has no specs. They could send me a pink piggy squeeze light for all I know. I suspect it will have good quality, and probably a Cree Q4 LED. I hope it will have a high and low mode, the commenters say they are receiving a 3-mode version these days.

Nice to see that your getting lights with different battery configurations. I have heard good things about that light but for some reason never got one.

Well, as I mentioned, the Romisen RC-I3 currently has no specs at DX and KD, so that could be the reason why you never thought about buying one. Despite it being a professional, well made light, without a decent product page it sort of detracts from the perceived value. And DX technically can send me any old flashlight and I can't get a refund or anything if it's missing a feature, because they never claimed anything. I mean, it might not even have an LED in it for all I know, could just be a metal tube. Well, I doubt it will be that bad, but at any rate don't buy one of these until I try it out to see if it's worth the energy it takes to click your mouse on the "Buy" button. I probably won't even use the 2xAA extender tube though, it's too unwieldy. If shipping weren't so dreadfully expensive down here I would send the extender to Don, who doesn't mind long flashlights.

A few years ago there was a guy on CPF selling up to 6D extension tubes for Mags. Someone actually built a 12D and added a 20cm (8") reflector to the end of it. Can't now remember what insane bulb was in it but it made the world's largest sink plunger. Like a lot of the old content on CPF it has gone missing. Or at least my Google skills can't find it.

Here are some specs for the Romisen RC-I3, it's probably the same as DX: