Looking for a tailcap replacement for Olight M20-SX L2 (550 lumens XM-L2 version)

I’m looking for a tailcap replacement for Olight M20-SX L2 special operation (550 lumens CREE XM-L2 version)

I wouldnt mind if its used in great working condition, but be sure its the newer blue button side-switch version.
that being said i will pay for shipping and everything if the price is fair.

mine has the tail cap spring snapped off being so thin on the base connector and the material is weak as hell, but i will still blame myself for trying to mess around it.

otherwise i will just try to fix it myself or buying a new pressure switch for it,

thanks for reading.

(Edit); just want to update despite this is an old post, as i no longer need it anymore! Olight is super kind enough send me a brand new tailcap replacement!