Looking for a three mode (moonlight), AA or AAA light for $10-20.

I’m a bit of a flashaholic, but want to get my wife a decent pocketbook / travel light with a low mode (good for airplanes etc.). Standard batteries are a must, hence AA (or 2x AA) would be great. I’m also going to get a couple for my kids (13 and 14 yr old boys) to bring to a 2 week sleep in tents camp this summer, so hence the “cheap” need plus I want to throw in some extra AA’s. Any and all ideas are welcome. Thanks

Astrolux A01
ALU for the kids
Copper for you and the wife
Nice low
Easy to operate.

For camping of the kids maybe the Warsun X65, it accepts 3*AA and is a zoomie and $14
Not a good low mode but the kids will love it on camp.

I don’t know if you mean a normal flashlight? You mention pocketbook/travel light?

Anyway, the Astrolux A01 range starts at about $8-9 or so (after you use a code which I think is ReManGA01) at Banggood. The copper A01 is $20 but I think there is also a code available for that ReManGA01C which brings the cost down.

Very nice little AAA lights with a really dim moonlight mode.

I have the copper one and have ordered two aluminium ones.

If you need to know more there is a thread which tells all about it but it is a long read……

Hope this helps


Hey mate I am not sure about AA lights but check out the astrolux A01 its a single AAA light and there is a coupon code on here to buy it cheaper.

Hahahaha this is too cool, we were all three typing at the same time about the same light, almost spooky man.

I seriously was typing and I post and every one beats me to it lol!

Another vote for the Astrolux A01. Note that the copper edition is nice but quite heavy. If weight is a serious consideration, the Al version feels like almost nothing.

My 4th A01 is on its way to me :slight_smile:

Get out of my head Miller!


And look at all those colors:

purple for the fe, red for the kids (when they drop it easy to find.)
then treat yourself to the copper

Cheers! I just ordered three different colors of the Astrolux, and the coupon was about $3 savings per flashlight. Thanks…

Now for a higher power one for the kids -:slight_smile: …. Still looking for the sun $20 range, but some throw…… Any idea if I can get the BLF A6 for $20? I’ve got one, and would buy another few if I could find a great deal… Yeas they’re 14560 batteries but what a light!

Lol. So many recommendations for this light… I may need to drop a dime and get myself the copper one … Just because… What’s the deal of th copper one? Higher output? Or just better thermal properties?

No particular reason. Just because it is copper, which is worth its weight in… copper.

Does the Warsun X65 put out a “square” beam when focused? I’ve had a few of this cheapies, and HATE that you can see the square LED in the focused beam…


wait, 13 and 14 years? I wold stay on track wth the lght accepting AAA or AA

A light wth 26650 cells will mostly also accept 3 AAA in a holder
(LOL my Thorfire S70 drained the 6 AAA cells pretty fast BT did run on them.

I stay with the Warsun X65

Like the brightness, chea, triple AA option
kids love the zooming action
when we have a bunch of lights standing and kids play here, one of the lights that I always find elswhere is the Warsun, they love it. (and it still works on the ultra cheap Alkalines I put in there to test it for another BLFer a while back.)

EDIT yes almost all lights with zoom have the square

I have the copper one its the same just looks pretty! You can put a 10440 in these light it gives you around 250 lumen but they are not made for the 10440 so it might not last as long you may get problems with the light.but I’ve ran mine for like 20 mins on the 10440 so far its okay.

Enelooper - nice handle - didn’t catch till now… Where can I find “reduced price ” Eneloop AA’s? I need another couple dozen.

Ironically, I wouldn’t look for eneloop branded batteries if you’re looking for best prices, and don’t care what the wrapper says.

If you have an IKEA nearby, I suggest you get the white labeled LADDA batteries. They are very well priced at less than $2 per battery for the eneloop PRO equivalent (900/2450). I believe these are FDK sourced, just like the eneloop branded ones.

For regular batteries, I would look for Fujitsu pre-charged. Again from the same factory that produces the eneloops, just different wrappers. Good prices can be found on eBay. Look for sellers shipping out of Salt Lake City.

These are also the same cells Fujitsu pros rebranded

Now all I need is a discount code for Banggood or gear best for the couple Warsun X65’s I’m thinking of getting… To bad ey don’t have a US warehouse… Not psyched to wait a month to get these…

Should I even consider a couple 26650’s for the kids summer camps? If so, will the lamp take protected cells? I won’t buy unprotected cells…

Yeah, forgot about the Amazon ones. Those are good too.

I’m not an Amazon shopper, so they slipped my mind.