Looking for a Thrower with nice beam and spot

Hi, I am looking for a budget thrower that similar to this Ultrafire WF-008 Recoil Thrower Review WARNING 56K: Heavy Pictures! | Candle Power Flashlight Forum

The beam and spot of the WF-008 is what I am looking but the picture is just at range of 120/130 feet. I wish to get a light which can lights up to 200+/- feet with that brightness and beam(a little dimmer is acceptable since the picture show a very bright spot).

Is there any other suggestion? I wish to get one with around $20 for the light. Thank you.

Jacobs a60 or an aspheric is what your after.

Can you provide me a review for Jacob A60 and a link to both aspherical lens for WF008 and Jacob A60?
Oh, one thing. I have a C8 with 1300lm XML-U2(become a little dimmer) and I am looking for a asperical lens too. I think C8 with aspherical lens may beat those throwers I mentioned but I can’t find a lens for it. May you provide a link for me too?

I has been searching for a night and I have no idea which and where I can get them… Really, your helps is appreciated, thank you. :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look for a Jacobs review/thread, aspheric’s are really not my bag though, someone else will have to chime in (you want a 42mm lense for the c8). I have been wondering what the result would be of dropping an aspheric lense on top of a reflector, hope someone can chime in on that.

Jacob a60 thread


Jacob a60 search results.

I built one direct drive for a member and was extremely impressed with the light, impressed enough to want to get one myself. The direct drive mod is pretty easy to do, so if you get one and want help just ask. :slight_smile:

Just now, I was looking for some thrower and I found a forum(can’t finf out the link) suggesting the flood to throw flaslight. This is one of I found from that forum.

Any idea? Actually I love a tight beam that can reach about 150 - 200+/- feet. Can’t expect for longer range because I know it will be cost more. I prefer the budget light…

I think any flood to throw light will have a hard time keeping up with a Jacob a60. Direct drive it and just forget it, the Jacob has some serious throw but with a bit of usefull spill to boot, it really is an impressive little light. :slight_smile:

Hi Ghost.

Jacob A60 all day long :smiley:

It was mine that gords1001 modded … 150-200 feet?? Small fry, try 150-200 YARDS 8)

Budget too, Barely $15.00 from DealExtreme, even standard it’ll give you 100 yards +

A friend of mine has the recoil 008 lamp, my Jacob blows it out of the park … :stuck_out_tongue:

So… Do you mean that the beam of Jacob A60 is really tight and bright compared with that WF-008? I can’t see the photo from the review posted by gords1001, may be because I am using tablet to online.
So looks like you guys are strongly recommend Jacob A60 and the flood to throw and WF-008 are not recommended.
Thank you so much for you guys. :smiley:

The Jacob beam is wider than the 008, but still tight. Its more ‘useable’ as it has limited flood too [the 008 has almost no flood]

Bright??? Just ‘bright’ doesnt cover it …. try seriously bright 8)

I’d do you a beamshot of mine, but alas i only have the built in camera on the phone …. doesnt do a good beamshot :~

Sorry, couldn’t stop myself.

That’s my problem, seriously the a60 takes some beating in throw, Dave’s is able to keep up with my zy-t08….

I have the Romisen RC c8, it throws a bit, you can see approx the same light than full moonshine at about 80-100 meters, with zero spill. I have mine direct driven, and it gets hot but works (it’s direct driven because the driver died…)
If you want 0 spill, the zoomie is for you, but if you want better throw maybe you need something more powerful
I’m waiting for a Jacob to compare them, I have not luxometer, hope it arrives soon

ZY-T08 all day long.

I enjoy to see a bright and tight beam shooting up to the sky. So… Except Jacob A60, is there any other suggestion? The zoomie lights sound good, I wish to know more about them. Thank you.

You might want to give one of these a whirl: US - Defiant "Super Thrower" 3C (New Model - +/-64mm Head XM-L) - Get To Home Depot Now!