Looking for a warm or high cri budget thrower


Single AA thrower will be blown out of the water by single 18650. Convoy C8 in warm should do the trick, they don’t do high CRI option.

Thrower = flashlight with big reflector :wink:

I love my Jaxman M8 with the Nichia 219b. It’s bigger than a AA light, but smaller than a C8.

I don’t love the modes, but since I do use it occasionally on my bike it’s nice to have strobe.

ETA: And you can get it warm (4000K) and high CRI.

sofirn sf36w ?

Convoy has the S6 and another S (S3 maybe) with a deeper reflector than the S2+. Ask Simon on AliExpress to assemble one with the tint you want, biscotti driver (has mode groups with and without strobes) and smooth reflector. won’t throw as much as a C8, but I don’t think anything will for the same price.

The Emisar D1 fills all but the price requirements if you are willing to go up to $40, tried and approved by many forum members

EDIT: I figured since you asked for AA that small size was desirable, but since you mentioned already have the C8, it’s just a matter of ordering an emitter and driver that sills your needs

Klarus Mi7 is relatively throwy given its size. Works well with a 14500!

I would suggest the Emisar D1s ( https://intl-outdoor.com/emisar-d1s-thrower-p-926.html ) or the D1 if you want something smaller.

Astrolux S3

Good throw, bright with 14500 cell, reasonably priced.

Manker T01

Emisar D4s - It is available with Luminus SST-20 3000K or 4000K 95 CRI
Convoy C8 (Simon’s AE store) - It is available with Nichia 219C 4000K 90 CRI

If you can spend just a bit more over 20$US, you can get the Night watch NS22 from this thread for about 23$US:

With the 4000k/3000k SST-20.

Bought one of these in 4000K , liked it so much that I just ordered another in 3000K with the 21700 tube with both.

Manker T01 II has a ton of throw and is available in neutral white, although I don’t know the CRI. It’s definitely not cool white, though. And as a bonus, unlike half the flashlights people have suggested in the thread so far, it actually runs on AA/14500 like you requested. The cost is a little higher than you’re hoping to spend, but it’s an actual thrower, not just a mini flashlight with some throw.

On a budget, the Thrunite T10 II is one of those inexpensive, mini flashlights that just happens to have a tight hot spot. It throws just a little better than something like a Lumintop Tool AA, and the neutral white version is very warm indeed, downright orangish. I’d estimate the tint is around 3000-3500 Kelvin. Again, not sure about the CRI, and it’s not a dedicated thrower, but the cost and tint meet your criteria.

Just noticed that. I’m sure the individual has found what they were looking for by now.

Thanks for the heads-up on this light. Free shipping too. And a discount coupon. I ordered one with the SST-20 4000 95CRI and 21700 tube.