Looking for compact, side switch SBT90.2 host. EC01?

I was going to order the ni40 sbt90.2, but would like a side switch + ramping (or even better, Anduril)

Would the Astrolux EC01 be compatible with the SBT90.2?

The EC01 is: 20mm mcpcb xhp50B 3V, Anduril, side switch, USB-C charging, and affordable. With a 37mm head, 120mm length. Pretty good build quality too I think.

Can I just buy the sbt90.2, flow it onto a MTG2 20mm MCPCB, solder it into the EC01… and try to center it + screw it down?

Getting hot would be OK. I think I want ~500-750lm sustained, and turbo for 30-90s, that’s about what the EC01 can do stock.

Any other thoughts for 3V side switch + ramping in 30-50mm-ish? GT Mini?

That looks like a handy little light. It can be an easy swap, but in this case it looks like the reflector hole will be too small for the large SBT90.2 package. You could probably ream the reflector out but you’ll have to get creative with the spacer and centering.

Orange peel reflector with that LED…How much would it affect the throw compared to SMO?

Cool. I have a set of small files & dremel, so can probably ream out the reflector hole alright. I’m not really sure how centering/focus/spacing etc. works out, but I guess it’ll be a good opportunity to read and learn :wink: My main concern is mis-matching something & burning something out at first turn on. I’ll be using a 35A Samsung 40t 21700 cell.

Well i have in mind swaping SST-90 emitter from my 47 MMX with SBT-90 and do some current bump

Probably not that much. Orange peel has a larger effect with small emitters. You can think of each little segment of the orange peel texture as having a focus point close to but at a random location around the regular focus point. With a small emitter many of the segments’ focuses are located off the light emitting surface which reduces the effective frontal area of the reflector and reduces throw. With a larger emitter most of the segments’ focuses will still be in the light emitting surface and so the frontal area is still utilized for throw.

You can pick these up at your local harbor freight. For reaming. Trust me you’ll appreciate these tools for this job.

^ he’s right, use a reaming bit.

Also, did you ever try this mod? Because I’m looking for what mcpcb I can use for a sbt90.2, in the 20mm size? I don’t know which one to buy or if they even exist? Thanks! Hope all is well.

No, I got the LED, but then got distracted with other things & having enough lights already :confused: Still want to do it

:+1: please update the thread if you do! I’ll be watching :sunglasses: